Fourth 2015

Okay, so I’m still in back-blogging mode here, and while I know I really should be trying to do this in some kind of chronological order. But I feel so overwhelmed by my situation (I’m 2 stinkin’ years behind!) that I’m just gonna be a little nonsensical about it and blog whatever I happen to feel like blogging when I sit down to work. I know myself. It will be like this or not at all, so I choose this! Pathetic. I know.

Today I feel like blogging about the Fourth of July in 2015, probably because I’m aching for summer to return!

As is tradition, we spent the Fourth with Aunt Missy (Gram’s sister) and her family.

Upon arrival Gram and Daddy painted Dorothy’s toes a festive red to match her comfy car outfit that she wore as we we drove to Indiana. As you’ll see in the pictures, Dorothy had more than one Fourth of July outfit from Gram.

Missy made sure the yard was full of fun things for the kids to do. Truman played with the bean toss game almost the entire time we were there, by himself or with whoever he could grab. Tyler, Daddy and Hannah probably spent the most time with him:

Jack and Alaster played mostly on the slip n’ slide, and with water guns:


This picture of Aly with a soda is the only picture I got of our yummy BBQ lunch. Woops! And Jack had fun on the swing:

Then it was off to the Parade!

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Two full collages of Dorothy in that outfit!? Overkill much, Ashlee?” Sorry! I couldn’t stand to leave even one of them out!


We had so much fun! There’s nothing like a mid-western small town parade!



Dorothy crashed when we made it back to the house. All that sugar and excitement caught up with her. She napped on me and then on the grass for quite some time before we left. (I’m not sure why the image is flipped. I saved it in the right direction!)

While she slept Uncle Jerry gave us all a real treat: He let us drive his antique tractor around the high school parking lot across the street!!! The boys have never driven anything before so they thought it was basically the coolest thing ever. Corey and I loved it too!

Then it was time to pack up and say goodbye. What a fun day!

And Dorothy wasn’t the only one with multiple Fourth outfits. Here are the boys in their second outfits from Gram:


Awwww. They are cute, huh?!


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