Truman’s Mickey Party!

Did you know our Truman boy turned 4 in June? My sweet baby boy is getting so big!

This year, when I asked him about a party, he was able to articulate what he wanted and how he was feeling about it. For those of you who are familiar with the struggles he’s had with speech you will understand what a testament that is to how much Truman has grown in the past year!  And he just keeps growing every single day. My heart is all squeezy just thinking about it!

Even though Truman has really only gone through one Mickey Mouse phase, and it was pretty short-lived and happened about a year and a half ago, Mickey was the theme he chose for his party.  Done.  Mickey is basically 3 circles. I have tackled MUCH harder cakes and cupcakes in my time!

Or so I thought anyhow… the chocolate versions turned out, but the vanilla version didn’t do so well. My frosting was a bit runny to hold up Oreos. Even some solidifying time in the fridge didn’t help. Oh well! They tasted great! (Side Note: Does anyone have a tried and true buttercream or vanilla frosting they love?  Share your recipe with me please!!!)

Look at Truman’s face while we sang and he blew out the candles.  There goes that heart squeezy thing again!  He’s just the sweetest boy!


More than anything else Truman talked about as the party approached was “my friends!” They were going to come and play at his party! Look what a cute group we had:


In addition to siblings he had his friends Felix, Riley, Scott and Peter. We’ve started to become friends with both of their families and it’s been great!

Okay, so the second name of this party, after Mickey of course, was SIMPLICITY. The past year has been crazy and stressful. Apparently a job change, 2 moves during the school year, buying your first home etc. will do that to ya.  We’ve all kind of struggled with the changes in our own way, and as I planned Truman’s party, I found one of my biggest goals was just to not stress myself or anyone else out. At all. Some days I feel like we’ve had enough stress for a life time. So I let the kids help and we kept it simple. We did 3 easy games, no craft, no decor, and only the 2 cupcakes (Yes, the cakes and frostings were all homemade… I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t at least done that!).  And I’ll tell you: It was great! Sweet kids like these are easy to please!

I asked Jack and Aly if they would be willing to create a scavenger hunt for the younger party attendees and they happily accepted. They drew pictures as clues and put them all up in advance. There was a bag of suckers decorated with the classic Mickey shape at the end for treasure. It got off to a good start:


But we quickly realized that Jack and Aly made some mistakes in their planning. Woops! Thanks anyway guys! I LOVE that you wanted to help! I should have watched a little more carefully as they prepared.  No worries! We ended up hiding the suckers all over the living room for them to find and it worked out just fine. Good thing I had written initials on each of the suckers before hand:


Our next game was a balloon toss. I started close and we kept moving the board further back. The kids really got into this one!  Here’s Truman about ready to toss his first one!


The game portion of the afternoon ended with a classic: Musical Chairs! I found a YouTube video that played the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hot Dog!” song continuously for an hour. Perfect. The game was a success, but my favorite memory of that YouTube video will be of when I found it and shared it with Truman. He got so excited and we danced and danced to it all around the kitchen.  Hot Dog, hot dog, hot diggetty dog!  He was so happy and so cute!

Awwwww… there goes my heart again!


The rest of the party we just let the kids run around and play. They got wild. Reeeeaaaallly wild. Truman joined in for most of the time, but admittedly he did sneak downstairs once or twice to hang with the adults where it was a bit more calm.  Still, I think he really had a wonderful time.

I just really, really hope he felt special and loved.
Because that kid is SO special.
And he is SO loved.


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