Pirate Party

About a year ago our Alaster Morgan turned 7. It took a while but I am apparently ready now to tell you the story of his party…or rather I am ready to post pictures of his party and share with you what few, paltry details I remember.  *SIGH*

The party was pirate themed. Take a gander at the swashbuckling rogues who attended:


Fierce, no?

Haha! Aly’s face in that picture kills me. And yes. There are 2 pictures of pirate Dorothy. How could I choose between those two? Both it is! We were so happy Henry, Jonas and Alice could join our family to celebrate.

Also, an uninvited but most welcome guest was discovered shortly upon arrival at the Stuki’s pool:


Corey and I had great fun making food for the party. Aly’s only requests were the pirate theme and FRUIT. We just had to do something fun and creative with FRUIT! That boy is FRUITY for FRUIT! Do you like what we came up with? Corey carved an excellent watermelon pirate ship filled with fruit salad topped off with sails and a tiny buccaneer:


Aly loved it! And since I thought the other guests would like cake in addition to their fruit… it being a birthday party and all… I made some chocolate cupcakes with candy treasure chests and edible gold doubloons atop graham cracker sand:


Okay… sooooo… I do not actually remember what games we played.  This is what I can tell you: there were 3.  I’m sure of that.  And I was really proud of what I came up with.  I am sure of that as well.  And… well… that’s about it!  And since I had someone else take the pictures as I was running the games… and most people don’t take fifty thousand shots of everything like I do, the pictures weren’t much help in piecing together the puzzle either.

There was one where we used kickboards as islands… I think there was a shark attack?  Maybe???


And the next game was a spin on Sardines.  Probably.  I was holding a pirate flag??  For some reason…?????


Oh! The last one I actually do remember!  Score!!!  It was a spin on Simon Says but with pirate prompts:  “Swab the deck!” (crouch down to the ground) “Port Side!” (jump to the left) “Starboard!” (to the right) “Man Overboard!” (Grab your neighbor to save them from drowning) and one that required them to salute.  That one was fun! See:


After that we sang to Aly (not sure why there are no pictures!), ate food, opened presents and just had a good ol’ time playin’ at the pool:






Dear Alaster: Please forgive your mother for not posting this sooner and capturing all of the precious minutiae of your party. I love you more than I can say and I remember we had a grand time and you were adorable. This year I’ll do better! Promise!


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