This Little Lovie Turned One!

Well. It happened. She’s one.

The whole week leading up to this momentous occasion I was emotional. I kept thinking of “one year ago today…” moments, recalling the last week of pregnancy (Which seemed like an eternity ago, weirdly, as it feels like she JUST got here!), LABOR, DELIVERY, and those first few weeks of having her with us. I also remembered THAT SPECIAL DAY we learned we’d be welcoming a GIRL… A sweet, pink, special little GIRL into our lives.

There have been a lot of tears folks. A lot. I cannot even say what this darling little lovie means to me. I mean… I just… LOOK at her:

We took that picture after her bath and getting dressed for the big day.

In the afternoon Dottie got a special visit from a most wonderful friend. Meet: Sadie Stowell. She is completely darling and completely in love with Dot.


Sadie made Dot that cute blanket you see on her lap. She and her mom were at the fabric store when Sadie saw that material and just HAD to have it to make Dot a blanket (Sadie loves Elephants). They did this not knowing it was Dot’s birthday, then she happened to finish it on the 10th! Sadie’s older sister Savannah saw on FB it was her birthday so they brought it over as the perfect birthday present. Dorothy loves it of course! She is a sucker for softie things, especially blankets, and she has been snuggling up with this blanket every night. It’s perfect! Thanks Sadie!

The boys saw Sadie present this to Dot and it sparked ideas in their own sweet, thoughtful heads. They disappeared into the basement and came back with requests for gift bags. At her party Dot opened the following from Jack:


And Alaster (it’s a portrait of Dorothy):


My heart melted when they gave them to her. Best big brothers ever! I have saved these gems and plan to frame them to put in Dorothy’s room when we move.

We tried to make Dolly’s special day fun. I kept asking her what kind of party theme she wanted… Stars? Polka Dots? Disney Princess? (JK, not YET!) But, weirdly, she didn’t have anything to say on the matter. Go figure. So I chose for her: Balloons!  Here was her cake (Homemade Yellow with Classic Buttercream Frosting):


Not my best work, but I’ll spare you my excuses.

And her balloon cupcakes (Homemade Chocolate with “The best frosting ever,” — Which was, I’m sorry to say, the WORST frosting ever.  What were you thinking, Ree???  You are normally so reliable!  This was throw-them-in-the-trash gross.  No joke.  Pretty frustrating because I spent a lot of time making them pretty.  Note my sad lack of classic white tray beneath?  I am starting to miss our stuff that’s all packed away!)



Gram, Grampa and Tyler came over to help us celebrate.  Gram brought a delicious salad, I made Baked Italian Sandwiches, and we had a grand time.  Here’s what Dorothy looked like as we sang. Haha! (Note how anxious Alaster was that she had a good time and loved her song):


And Brother #3 helped her blow out her candle:


No messy cake pictures.  I am not a fan of that particular first birthday tradition.  BUT… she did enjoy being fed one scrumptious piece, I assure you!

After that we did the one and only activity I had planned (the only activity I could think that a baby might enjoy at her party).  Corey blew up 4 garbage bags full of balloons and we released them on the floor and let her go crazy.  The boys and Uncle Tyler joined in playing with her for a few minutes until we cut them all and threw them away (Safety, and all.)  I took a bunch of pictures but they were all horribly blurry and didn’t really capture how much fun she had.  Sorry baby girl! But you were cute and loved it!

She also got to open some awesome presents from Gram and Grampa Burton, her favorite of which was this CUTE ANIMAL PLAYSET with some extra animals to enjoy!  She’s had hours of fun playing with those guys!

Thank you to everyone who remembered our girl!  During her party my friend Laura Hawk came over to deliver an electric piano for the boys to borrow and she had a surprise gift for our Doll– a cute stuffed kittie that she loved and some treats! So nice! Dorothy also got sung to by cousin Ada and family (Cutest Happy Birthday Song I’ve ever heard Ada-Girl!), a package from Auntie Shir and Ashley Kayleen (Who I still need to call and thank in person!  As soon as I get a cute picture of her in that darling outfit I will send it to you!), and special cards from Grandma Carmen and Papa and Aunt Dee Dee (Which she loved!  You should have seen her face!)


Wonderful day. Fun Celebration. Sweet, Happy, Baby Girl.

We are so blessed!


7 thoughts on “This Little Lovie Turned One!

  1. “Not my best work, but I’ll spare you my excuses.” Oh, my dear, sweet Ashlee. The cake is AMAZING! I’m super duper impressed! I hope you gave yourself some credit for the amazing looking (and tasting, I’m sure!) birthday cake. As for the smash cake- if it’s just a piece of cake that the go to town on- sure. But a whole cake? How WASTEFUL! I’ve never understood that. All in all, happy birthday, miss Dottie. You are one loved and lucky girl. I’m sure you are only beginning to understand that 🙂 P.s. Ashlee- you are totally glowing in that top picture. I’m so happy that you are so happy. XOXO

  2. Oh my goodness I about died at the boys gifts. Those are SO WONDERFUL! What a sweet, loving family to be a part of. ❤ I kind of want to try that frosting now, even though you hated it.

  3. She looks so very much like you did as a baby and one year old!! I think everything was just perfect, wish we all could have been there to celebrate with you.

    Love you much!

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