“This is Cute.”

One of my favorite nightly rituals looks a little somethin’ like this:



After a long day at school, homework and dinner, Jack likes to let off a little steam by getting cah-razy with the babies. And they loooooove it. And Corey and I love to waaaaaaatch it. Jack twirls them around, chases them, tickles them, pops out and scares them… he’ll do anything he can to pull out those infectious, wild giggles.

He’s a fun, fun older brother and someday he’s going to be a fun, fun daddy. You would be surprised how often he talks about being a dad. Every once and a while out of no where he’ll say things about his future children. Like a couple of days ago when he announced that if he had twins he would name them “Barf and Belch.” Okay that one isn’t so sweet, but he DOES say sweet things too, like yesterday when he asked me to teach him how to cook asparagus because “I love it and I want to cook my kids lots and lots of asparagus.”

Yep. That Jack is a keeper.

One more thing I love about our evenings… after all the craziness people get tired and snuggly.

Corey and I were watching a show when these two cuddled up together in a chair. Truman happily called over to us “We are snuggling!” Then a few moments later and a little softer “This is cute,” (By which he meant “WE are cute.)” as he wrapped his arm around Aly and gently tapped his hand on him. You should have seen the satisfied, happy look on his face and heard his voice!


Good gracious.

These are the moments people.  These are the moments!


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