Siblings at the Store

Testing! Testing! Is this thing on?

Remember how I used to blog? That was nice, huh?

Well guess what? Today I went shopping with my babies and Truman wanted to get in the cart. Can you believe that? He hates the cart! He’s reached that “I’m way too big and cool to sit in there like a dumb baby,” stage, but today he begged to get in. It took some work to slip him in there (and maybe a bumped shin bone or two) but I guess he still fits.

Look how cute:


So anyway, I got him in and he and Dorothy started loving on each other and he was saying things like “This is fun!” and “We are playing!” It was all so cute and as I snapped a few pictures all I could think was “This needs to be on the blog! Recorded for all Eternity! Who cares that I have 6 months of back blogging to do? THESE pictures WILL be posted TODAY.”


And just like that I am back to blogging.


3 thoughts on “Siblings at the Store

  1. THEY ARE TOO CUTE!!! Love that brotherly love… did you see Tyson with Eden? The love we have for each other…PRICELESS… makes heaven seem all the more desirable…love aunt deedee

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