First Day of School

Registered by their Mother, dressed by their Grandparents, blessed by their Father… Jack and Aly are ready for school!

Presenting Alaster the 2nd Grader:


And Jack the 4th Grader:


It’s been a fun, challenging, silly, neat, sweet, fast, wonderful summer with Jack and Aly home full time.  It certainly was bitter sweet to send them off to school this morning, but they are thrilled, and I am thrilled for them.

I’ve missed blogging lately, but with the boys return to school and some other important things settled in my life, I think I am ready to be back.  Stay tuned for posts about Aly’s 7th birthday party, Dot turning 7 mo. old, our summer trip to Saint Louis, a bunch of random things I’ve been meaning to tell you, and a full summer-recap.

Whew!  I’ve got some work to do!

See you soon!


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