Late Night Science!

A couple of weeks ago the most exciting thing happened!  A bat died on our doorstep!

Okay, I wasn’t too thrilled about it (it was sad, gross and I was worried about…. lots of things) but the boys were, as I’m sure you can imagine, completely fascinated.

One of the first things Jack said was “I want to make a slide out of it.”

I never told you this because I never blogged about Christmas, but Jack’s big present from Mom and Dad was a super high quality (like it could last through the end of high school) microscope.  We also got him some pre-made slides made from interesting plants, animals, insects, etc. which he has enjoyed inspecting and drawing.

I wasn’t about to dissect some random, possibly diseased bat on our doorstep, but I didn’t mind Jack asking Daddy if he would like to.

That night we took Corey dinner at work and boy did he get an earful!

When Corey finally came home at about 10pm he went up to the boys room and had the following conversation with a sleepy Jack:

Corey: Hey! Get up! Let’s do science!
Jack: What?
Corey: Let’s go get the bat.
Jack: It’s like… (checking his watch)… 10 oclock.
Corey: But it’ll be rotten tomorrow.
Jack: Well that’ll be cooler anyways.
Corey: Well I’m gonna go do it real quick.
Jack: Just joking I’m getting up.

And off they went.  We got Jack some Petri dishes, Beakers and Slides, on his birthday (exactly for things like this!) so they were good to go.  Corey helped him ***CAREFULLY*** remove part of the bat’s wing and make a slide out of it.


Corey disposed of the bat and Jack went back to bed.

Here he was the next morning checking out his new slide:


Pretty interesting stuff!

Also, did I ever tell you Jack got a zombie plant kit for his birthday?  We grew a few plants from seed and I thought I’d show you how they are doing.

Before you touch them:


And after:


This world of ours is sure an interesting place!

4 thoughts on “Late Night Science!

  1. So STINKING COOL. You put this homeschool mama to shame my friend! To shame! Don’t worry, all this shame and guilt is motivating me in a positive way. 😉 Love that first picture of Jack-O!!

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