5 and 6 Month Baby Girl

Alrighty folks, I got things to do so this post is gonna have to be snappy.

Apparently I never posted pictures from her 5 month shoot.  I was in a hurry the day I took them (the pictures unfortunately reflect it too).  Then we only just took her 6 month pics this morning even though she’s been a big 6 month old girl for 5 whole days!

Anyway.  Here they are.  5 months:



And 6:



She’s leaning forward in this one so she’s all skwashy:


These past two months have been wonderful.

Baby girl has learned to sit up and is quite content to sit and play with toys on her own for good stretches of time.  I can tell she is getting antsy to be mobile though.  She watches the boys with this “me too!” look on her face or sees toys far away that she wants… if only she would endure tummy time a bit more!  I bet she would be crawling!  Also, she can flip over from both directions, but you’ll only see her going from tummy to back. (Why would she flip on her tummy when she hates to be there?!?)

Her favorite toys are these spiky, light up bouncy ball things the boys have which are extremely difficult for her to hold or chew, but which fascinate her nonetheless.

Her funnest time of day is at night when I am trying to get all the others down for bed.  She gets extremely silly and vocal (perfect when I’m trying to conduct scripture study… hmmmmmmmmm…..) and wants to jump, jump, jump!  I hold her on my lap and she just goes!  Smiling, laughing and talking all the while.  When she’s feeling like this the boys can pay her even a teeny tiny ounce of attention she rewards them with the most winning smiles and happy, happy sounds.  It’s no wonder bed time has been difficult as of late 🙂  I try to sternly tell her “Stop being so distracting Dorothy!  We are trying to focus!” but I think she can hear in my voice that I only half mean it, because of course I totally love it too!

She’s a grunty, growly gal and gets a kick out of you mimicking her sounds.  Sometimes I think the growliness comes out when she’s tired or unhappy, but when I growl back at her she smiles and snuggles my face, so I’m not so sure!

She loooooves music.  When the boys play the piano she loves to be in my arms watching and listening to them.  Music calms her down when she’s sad, distracts her when she’s grumpy, and is sure to bring you a smile if you sing and dance with her.

She’s still getting up to eat in the night, but a little bit of hooch before bed (those of you on my side of the family will fondly think of Calvin when you hear me use that word) has helped a bit.  It helps me that she always wakes up so happy!  I miss my sleep, but at least she is so pleasant 🙂

We love this baby with all of our hearts.  I am enjoying every single stage as it comes, soaking in all of her chubby, loveable goodness.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have a baby girl.  She’s a real live daughter of my very own!  Can you believe that?!?

I admit freely that I am still crying about it.



One thought on “5 and 6 Month Baby Girl

  1. Well golly miss Dolly! Now you went and made me cry too. I am glad that she is such a good baby for you. She sure looks sweet. 🙂 And PRETTY. I know I’ve said that several times, but she really is!!

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