Fourth Report

The fourth of July was most enjoyable this year. Most enjoyable indeed!  Corey has been putting in crazy hours at work and school trying to finish up by the end of this month.  To have him with us for an entire day was like eating a huge piece of cheesecake after having nothing but dry toast for weeks.

And we made the most of it!

First we got dressed up (I love each and every one of these pictures.  There are such funny details throughout!):


Did you know our Gram buys the boys kids fourth of July outfits every year?  I think it’s a really fun tradition!


After getting dressed we went over to Gram’s house and hung out until all of the family had arrived (Uncle Gerry, Aunt Missy, Chris and Sarah, Hannah and Ruth came too!) and it was parade time. Here in the midwest they don’t do their parades first thing in the morning.  The one in our city didn’t start till 11!  We left the house at about 11 and were still easily able to find a nice, shady spot where we could see.  Gotta love a small town. (It sure feels small in comparison to Provo or SLC on days like this anyhow!).

I had to post this next pic.  Poor Dottie.  It was about nap time when we showed up at Grams, so that nap didn’t happen.  Then she caught a little cat nap in the car on the way to the parade only to be woken up the instant we arrived and a firetruck horn sounded.   This girl is still a 3-nap-a-day-baby, and she didn’t get her first 2.  Instead she was drug around, passed around, and taken to loud and crazy fun type places.  Despite all of this she remained completely happy and sweet. That’s my baby Doll!  She was a little dazed when awoken at the parade:


Poor thing!  But after about 30 seconds of that face a smile quickly replaced it.  Love her!

The parade was fun.  The boys had a great time watching, collecting candy, and being sprayed with water.


Truman watched some of the parade, but I think his favorite part was just sitting on the blanket eating snacks and treats from Gram.  Haha!  Gram also got the two littlest some stylin’ glasses for the day:


I have to say… having 2 littles again is so fun!  I have flashbacks of how Jack and Aly were at this stage and it makes me all nostalgic.

Look how darling they were hanging out on the blanket together!  At one point Dot’s binki fell out of her mouth and I saw him help her get it back in.  A small but very sweet moment.  It killed me that they left those glasses on too.  So cute!


In this collage you can see Auntie Kristine holding Dot.  We called her “Gus-Gus,” because her shirt kept on popping up, just like a certain mouse in Cinderella. (Dorothy, not Kristine 🙂 )


After the parade we went home to grab our contributions to lunch.  With a little help from mom and dad Aly made these delicious mini fruit pizzas:


We let him do everything he could including cutting the fruit.  He was so excited about this project!  I think he should make them every year.  It was delish!

And… my friends… those were the last pictures I took!  I dunno why, I guess I got caught up enjoying the rest of the day and didn’t think to get out the camera any more.  So instead of pics I will give you some other highlights of the day:

*Eating ourselves silly with food.  How very American of us, no?!?  There probably was enough to feed a small ward.  We had hotdogs and hamburgers a-plenty, a mountain of smoked chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob, a fruit trifle, veggie platter, mexican corn salad, orzo pasta salad, pizza pasta salad, potato salad, 4 or 5 different kinds of chips, tons of drinks, at least 6 different kinds of desserts… and I honestly feel like I’m missing something!  True story!  It. was. yummy.  We went home with enough food to feed us all weekend long.  Score!

*Swimming at the Stucki’s pool.  Still a highlight even though Truman fell in (thank you Uncle Tyler for being right there to save him!).  Dorothy and I didn’t go.  We stayed at the homestead and napped.  That baby had missed both morning naps and she was exhausted.  She slept soundly and happily on Gram’s bed while I watched TV with Ruthie, who also stayed behind.

*Corey and I getting to play Ticket to Ride with Casey, Kristine and Tyler.

*Watching the Fireworks.  This was the first year in a long time I got to go!  I’ve always stayed home with Truman, but this year Corey watched the babies.  Apparently as Corey walked Truman and Dottie up to the house Truman was so tired he actually started to doze off while walking.  I didn’t know you could do that!  Poor boy!  The fireworks were pretty good for little ol’ Chambana!  And Gram brought all kinds of fun little extras for us to play with as the sun went down.  She brought bubbles and glow sticks and those popper things… festive jewelry and yummy snacks… and Jack left with no less than 7 patriotic temporary tattoos on his body.  It was a blast.  I loved being there with the boys but admit I also missed Corey.  Fireworks are romantic after all…

So there you have it!  A successful fourth of July indeed!

The 4th is kind of the best, huh?!?


3 thoughts on “Fourth Report

  1. WAY TOOOO COOL!!! great run down of your day…. ours was not so fun… Sick peoples and whining dog (Lita thought all that noise was annoying)… We love hearing about your life and family and MISS YOU TONS!! love aunt deedee

  2. Those glasses are too cute!! What a fun day! I’ll admit, I love a small town fourth. I miss our Vernal parade. It was perfect! Here we stayed home to avoid the crowds, and went out the next day when everyone else was sleeping it off. 😉

  3. We have the same carseat and binki! So fun! I am seriously jealous of your girl’s chubbiness! Think she can share with Cousin Lizzi she could use some! 😉

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