Popsicle Day!

The past two weeks have been devoid of almost all summer fun.

First our apartment suffered a sewage back up that flooded our kitchen and living room.  It was disgusting, took 3 days to fix and threw every plan we had out the window (Thank goodness for our Gram!  What would we have done without a second home to crash at?).  Then I got sick which meant I didn’t feel like going out on adventures.  During my confinement I started a bunch of projects around the house. (‘Cause when you have 4 little ones at home the idea of resting during your illness is laughable. To make myself feel better about not being able to rest I work on things I want to work on… I neglect the basics and get knee deep in some fun organization or deep clean project that I’ve been itching to tackle. This tactic works well for me.) So the boys have been working a lot what with all the extra projects and the day or two we needed to get back on top of regular chores.

Yesterday I woke up absolutely determined to make a fun summer memory.  I sat with the older boys on the couch to look over some fun ideas and what do you know? Before we knew it a theme had emerged! Popsicles!  The rest of the morning we spent in preparation (do a few necessary chores, stop by the library, go shopping for supplies) and then after lunch we got started.  While Truman napped (essential to this project) Jack and I worked together making a giant popsicle stick weave for a chain reaction explosion!  Idea HERE.
Popsicle Day!1

It took us a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once we had the technique down it came together pretty quickly.  I can’t tell you how fun it was to sit and talk with Jack as we worked.  I don’t have the full weave shown in these pictures but it stretched nearly the full length of our kitchen and living room (we used 150 sticks).  I tried so hard to get a picture of it exploding in the air!  This was the best I could do.  Can you see Jack’s face?  He and Aly flipped, it was so cool!

Popsicle Day!2

We saved all the sticks and will for SURE do this again.

Next on the list:  Homemade Popsicles. One cannot have a popsicle day without making a delicious popsicle treat, don’t you know!  Alaster and I found THIS great recipe and tweaked it to our liking.

Popsicle Day!3


After we got them put in the freezer for later, Jack and Aly tried their hand at the popsicle explosion again.


I’d love to be able to tell you they collaborated well, made another huge weave and explosion, laughed until they cried and left the room holding hands and skipping to the next project.  But I can’t.  They fought the whole time till I called it off and for the next hour and a half (I soooo wish that was an exaggeration) we dealt with fallout from the situation.  The good news is that it ended positively with some important lessons learned.  I actually am truly grateful for opportunities to help the boys learn to communicate more effectively (which was at the heart of the issue this time).  I’d love for them to be highly skilled in that area before they leave my house and have roommates, mission companions and spouses!

Anyhow…  After all the hullabaloo it was on to project no. 3: Popsicle stick catapults!  Idea HERE.Popsicle Day!5

They started by launching things off the kitchen table but ended up playing for a longer amount of time in the living room having wars with dinosaurs.  The catapult I made I gave to Truman.  He was so funny with his!  He loved shooting little bells (I figured we’d be able to find where they landed easier… I was right!) out of the catapult and all over the house.  Sometimes though he’d get it facing the wrong way and shoot bell after bell right into his face.  He didn’t mind it and it made the rest of us laugh pretty hard!

Project no. 4 was by far the hardest.  Unsurprisingly only Jack was able to make it work.  Mini-Bows and Arrows.  Idea HERE.


We had one last project but we only got half way through before dinner time, so no pics.  Maybe we’ll finish it up in the next few days and I can report back.

All that was left after dinner was to head outside and eat our scrumptious popsicles 🙂

Popsicle Day!7


Welcome back summer fun!  We sure have missed you!


One thought on “Popsicle Day!

  1. You are a cool mom my friend. Your explosion trick looks so cool, but I have to admit, I’m sitting here thinking about the gazillions of popsicle sticks that would be stashed and lost all over my house driving me crazy. Yes, I need to be better at teaching my kids to help clean up. 😉 Would you give me some teaching kids communication skills tips?? It’s so hard sometimes! My girls are going through a bad phase with each other. Lots of yelling, and more biting and hitting than I would like to admit. 😦

    You crack me up with your “fun organization and cleaning project”ness as well. You are not a normal sick person!! 😉 Glad you’re feeling better.

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