Our Baby Boy is 3!

Ahhhh! I am so far behind on the blog! Days go by… stories pile up… What a mess!

The good news is that life is full and wonderful and happy.  Having too many good stories to tell is an okay problem to have in my book.

I am actually sick today which is the reason I feel justified in taking a bit of time to blog.  I need some reason not to be grouchy about it!

So.  Would you like to see some pictures of my darling Truman?  The one who turned THREE on the 17th this month???

Truman the three year old is adorably quirky, crazy smart, loving, strong willed and innately good.  The two’s were anything but terrible with this boy, and we are sure the three’s will be no different.  Hopefully I can do a more comprehensive update about Truman soon (I know, I know.  I have said that at least 5 times on the blog in the last… oh… 8 months!)

To celebrate Truman’s special day I put my own desires to throw him a big party with friends aside and did what I knew he would love best… a small gathering with family at the park to eat cake and play.  At least I got to do a fun cake!  He wanted “Suuuu why!” (Super Why!)  which couldn’t have been easier.  Those character’s faces are all perfectly round!  I made a triple layer chocolate cake (I have found a new and even better recipe since Jack’s birthday!) and to get his skin color right I used my Aunt Shirley’s peanut butter frosting.  Yummmmmmmmm!

Truman was so pleased…

Okay, now this next picture couldn’t be shoved in a collage.  This is what he looked like as we sang Happy Birthday to him:


I tear up every time I look at it.

Oh Truman Matthew!  You have no idea how much you are loved!


(Is there a story with those pirate hats?  You ask?  Yes.  There is.  Again… I’m so behind on the blog!)

After cake we headed to the playground.  Truman spent a long time climbing up this slide and sliding back down again.  If you look carefully you can see his triumphant fist “I did it!” in two of these pictures:


Then after a while he went off to play with Jack and Aly.

Jack was actually invited to a good friend’s birthday party to be held at the exact. same. time. as Truman’s.  It was a cool party too, at a gymnastic’s place where they were going to receive special instruction and get to play on all the equipment.  I offered Jack the choice.  I honestly didn’t want him to miss such a fun opportunity! I told him it was truly okay if he’d rather go to the more exciting, friend party. Poor Jack was so torn!  He thought about it for a few minutes and decided to be with Truman.  What a good brother!  I absolutely love Jack and Aly for they way they include and love and interact with Truman!



A trip to the park wouldn’t be complete for Truman without swinging…


And the rest of us decided to get in on that action too!  I’m not pictured swinging, but I’ll have you know I swung so high that it scared Corey and seriously impressed our boys.

Notice in this collage the top and bottom left (Corey getting a little push from the boys), and the bottom right (Jack spent a good half hour or more seeing how far he could fling himself out of the swing!):


Even the littlest in our group took a turn 🙂 Thanks Grampa for pushing! And I gotta say I really love these pictures because you can see how teensy she still is.  Just a sweet little Dot of a baby in that swing!


I know this is Truman’s post, but you wanted to see some more of Dorothy, didn’t you?  Yeah… me too.  And don’t worry.  I think Truman would approve.  He’s crazy about her these days!


All in all it was a perfect evening.

Happy Birthday Truman Matthew Larsen!

Our family wouldn’t be complete (or nearly so fun!) without you!!!


3 thoughts on “Our Baby Boy is 3!

  1. This post made my heart so happy and even made me cry a little! I just love all of your babies so much, that thinking of them growing up gets to me, and then that Jack just had to put it right over the top choosing to stay with his brother. Adorable cake, adorable kids. I am so glad you posted so many of Dorothy. She is just the perfect amount of squishable, isn’t she? Give her a few squeezes for me, will you?!

  2. Katie said it perfectly!!! I have been missing your posts and was so happy to see a new one – sorry you were not feeling but glad for the post none the less!!
    Love you much-Auntie

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