Stylish and Employed

Yesterday was the last day of school, and nothing says “last day of school,” like a loud, rebellious Mohawk.  Wouldn’t you agree?
last day1

Oh they’re cool these two.  The coolest.

I will let them keep this look until Saturday night.  Ain’t no way my boys are going to church like this,  but I’m good to let them enjoy it for now.  They worked hard in school.  Why not let them send the year out in style?

Unrelated to their current hairstyle is their current employment situation.  They are working for two families.

We go daily to their piano teacher Nancy’s house to bring in her mail/newspaper and water her plants and gardens while they are on vacation:

Last day2

Then after that chore is done we head to our friends the Skablund’s to love and take care of their kitty.  Jack was rather excited to show you his poop-scooping skills, and Alaster is fondest of feeding the cat:

last day3

I am so glad the boys have this opportunity to learn responsibility while earning a little extra pocket money.  Little jobs like this are great for teaching delayed gratification (work now, get paid later), responsibility (“I know you don’t want to go today, but we committed to go and we’re going.”) teamwork (“I’ll get the poop this time, you feed her.”), tithing, etc.

I’m sure proud of these happy, hard workin’ boys!


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