ENFP loves ISTJ (With Bonus Pictures from recent Date Nights)

After Alysa’s girl’s night where we discussed the book QUIET and the Myers-Briggs personality types I went online to learn whether I am an introvert or an extrovert.

I had always thought of introverts as shy and extroverts as outgoing… so of course, I assumed I am an extrovert… but it turns out that the correct definition of those terms actually has more to do with where a person gains energy… with people or in solitude… and I very much feel the need for both.  After everyone went home I took a few online tests based on the Myers-Briggs test to see what I am.  I was branded slightly more extroverted than introverted.


(Pictures from our trip this weekend to Lake of the Woods where we had a lovely picnic, played on paddle boats, sat on the grass to talk and went out for ice cream on the way home.)

My full personality profile was ENFP meaning I am an Extrovert who takes in information by iNtuition, makes decisions by Feeling, and orients myself to the external world through Perception.  What does that mean?  Exactly?  Oh… a bunch of things. I read a lot of online profiles about ENFP’s. Some of them I felt pretty accurately described me, some of them did not.  I’d be interested to read the actual Myer-Briggs information, not just online pages based on Myer-Briggs.

It seems the online community who are really into these tests have given each personality profile (there are 16) a nickname.  They call ENFP’s “The Inspirers.”   “ENFP’s are the true people-people.” “ENFP’s are charming, persuasive, charismatic and passionate about their beliefs.” “ENFP’s are extremely careful with their words and prefer to write them out before speaking.”  “ENFP’s are very in tune with the feelings and needs of others.”  “ENFP’s think deeply.”  “ENFP’s genuinely like other people.”

Of course I chose to share with you some of the positive ENFP traits.  ENFP’s have plenty of flaws as well.  Apparently our ability to read people, our powers of persuasion and our natural leadership abilities make us excellent cult leaders!  Yikes! (Don’t worry, I use my ENFP powers for good, not evil 🙂 ) There was one website in particular that made me laugh when it said that “ENFP’s NEED to be told they are loved.  OFTEN.”  So true… so true… Words of Affirmation is totally my love language.  I am down-right needy on that front.


(Picture taken at Meadowbrook Park.  We took a stroll around the art trail and then headed to Barnes and Noble to browse.)

Anyhow, all this got me thinking… “I wonder what COREY is.”  Maybe if I knew his type I could look at these online profiles and find out what HE needs and improve my wifing (Yes.  Of course “wife,” has a verb form. Didn’t you know?)  So I made him take the test and guess what?  He is my exact opposite: ISTJ.  You can only be one or the other letter in each category… E or I for example… there is no third option.  So yes.  According to this personality test  Corey is my exact opposite.  He is an Introvert who takes in information by Sensing, prefers to make decisions by Thinking, and orients himself to the external world through Judgement.

He sent me a text with the results and one more word:  “Sorry.” 

Isn’t that sad?!?  He thought I would be disappointed!  I texted back “ENFP loves ISTJ.”  And it’s true.  We compliment each other so well!  He is the practical realist to my wide-eyed idealism.  The thought to my feeling.  The calm to my crazy!

Sure, we have some obvious differences.  But you know what?  Most of the time it is either a very, very good thing (I am a pretty extreme personality.  If we didn’t have Corey in our family to balance me out our kids would be a mess!) or it just makes me laugh.  Like when he texts me from work “I had to talk to so many people today.” (something I would love but know is quite difficult for him) and I text back “Oh.  I’m so sorry!”


(Sharing a burger and milk shake at Stake ‘N Shake and trying a new Chinese place in town.  Pictures taken on two different dates.  Haha!)

So there you have it.  We are the old saying “opposites attract,” incarnate.  At least when it comes to our personalities that is.  The good news is that when it comes to what really matters… our beliefs about family, religion, etc.  we couldn’t be more on the same page.

Love you, my dear ISTJ!  Thanks for putting up with all my wacky ENFP-ness!


2 thoughts on “ENFP loves ISTJ (With Bonus Pictures from recent Date Nights)

  1. I love this post! How fun! I’ve always thought you two compliment each other well. 🙂 Brandon took this quiz some time ago. I think he was an INTJ? I’m not sure, but I remember it called him, “The Mastermind” haha! I don’t think I ever took it though. This post has inspired me to take more pictures of the two of us. I think it’s so fun that you have all of these. I think we MAYBE have one picture together in all of the last three or four years?? Anyway…fun post!

  2. We made a date night out of Myer-Briggs last night and we were ALSO opposites! Well… almost. I’m INTJ and Jeff is ENSP, but we are both boarderline on the N/S one. I have yet to look up profiles on these outcomes, but I’m NOT surprised by the quotes you shared! That’s my Ashlee 🙂

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