Reunited – Aunt Dee and Alysa!

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s been a while since I have said it, so I thought I’d refresh your memory about a little promise I made once.

Promise: If you are traveling in the midwesty area and come close-ish to me, I WILL COME SEE YOU!  I don’t care if that means 6 hours of driving (that’s the time to Chicago or Saint Louis and back again) to see you for 1 hour.  I WILL DO IT!  In fact you may have to tell me NOT to.  Just ask my brother who had to convince me that his 45 minute layover in Chicago this week was simply not enough time for a visit.  (He was right.  There’s no way he could have gotten through the gates and then back through security again to see me and not miss his flight.  Stupid Airports.)

Evidence that I Keep My Promises:

Aunt Dee was helping Wil and Tabby move last month, and while it wasn’t exactly on their way, she convinced them to take a trip to Indiana so we could have a little rendezvous!  Wil and Tabby lived in Lafayette IN during their Purdue years so in addition to meeting us they were able to see some friends and actually Tabby’s mom too.  It was a win, win!

We met up at the mall for some playtime and lunch:

r2 r3


We had such a nice time!  Aunt Dee is a cute, proud mother-in-law and Grandma!  She is great at keeping in contact with me through texts and email so I hear about her going here and there and everywhere to do things with and for her kids.  It was great to see her in action!

And I haven’t had many opportunities to chat with Tabby, so I loved that!

The kids got along swimmingly.  Jack and Ivy got along especially well and bonded over the Harry Potter wands we brought.  He left saying he wanted make her one and talking about what a fun cousin she was.  🙂  How strange that my children don’t have cousins to play with all the time.  I loved that about my childhood.  Thank goodness for blogs and cell phones or I don’t think my heart could take it!

Last but not least… I finally got to show off Dorothy to someone on my side of the family!  Huzzah!


Thank you Aunt Dee and Tabby for taking the time to come see us!  I know it was a sacrifice to take the time to do so when you were already so busy and crazy with the move.  Give that Verity (for whom the trip to see us was for sure the hardest!) a kiss for me!

Another blast from the (not so) distant past arrived in town last week.  Alysa!  Alysa!  My friendy-friend Alysa!

She came back to town so that her husband Jacob could participate in his graduation at the U of I.  She invited some friends and we had a little girls night at my place in her honor.  It was like no time at all had gone by!


I never actually did a “Farewell Alysa!” post on the blog.  I intended to.  Before she moved away we had a special lunch together where she taught me how to make delicious tikka masala.  I took pictures and was going to blog about it but I just never did.  My heart was too sad when she left.

I’m so glad we got to see her and talk to her and hug her in real life again!

And even though I am not a fan of myself in this picture, I just had to post it.  We were all cracking up trying to set the timer on my camera and get a shot of the whole group.  Look at Rachel!  Haha!  Good gracious I love my girlfriends! (ALL of you… not just the ones at this particular girls night.)

Now the big question is… who will come and visit me next???

2 thoughts on “Reunited – Aunt Dee and Alysa!

  1. Good gracious it makes my heart hurt that you’re so far away! I should have made the jaunt to St. Louis while we lived in KS and it was actually doable. How fun to see a little of your mom in your Aunt Dee!

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