May the Fourth

Did you know today is Star Wars Day?

I didn’t, but my husband did.  Corey has decided he would like to make Star Wars Day a fun little tradition between him and the kids.

He left our home at 10:30pm last night in order to obtain candy light sabers and Star Wars sticker packs to present to them this afternoon.  They were a hit!

(Truman will get his after he wakes up from nap time.)

Dottie is a little too small for treats but she still had fun being with Daddy:


He can make her laugh better than anyone else.  Just a few weeks ago I thought it was my special talent to make her giggle. She still laughs for me but it’s different from how she laughs for Corey. And you wanna know what?  I love it! This Daddy/Daughter business is pretty darned adorable!

Happy Star Wars Day All!  MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

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