Underpants (With no yucky details! Promise!)

Guess who is such a big boy?!?

Truman is a rock star on the potty!  I feel bad for saying so because many of my friends are struggling with potty training at the moment, but training Truman has been a breeze.  We thought for sure it would be horrible.  When I took Truman to pick out some underpants he was less than thrilled.

Me:  Wow!  Truman look!  They have Monster University ones!  CooooOOOOOOooool!
Truman: No.
Me:  How about these ones with superheroes?
Truman: Uh uh.  No!
Me:  This will be so fun Truman!  I think we should get the Disney Pack.  Seeeee!  It has Monsters and Cars and Incredibles!  It’s great!
Truman: I say no!

Then when we got home I took a pair out and suggested we put them on and take a picture to send Daddy.  I handed him the Monsters pair and he looked me right in the eye, threw them across the room and yelled “I SAY NOOOOOO!” again.  I thought it was hilarious of course, but it also made Corey and I a bit apprehensive about how potty training would go down.

Still, Truman was excited for “Poddy tweats!  Poddy cookies!  Poddy bagels!” (That last one was his own idea 🙂 )

Last weekend when our house got hit with a nasty gamboo I knew we wouldn’t be leaving the house for a few days so it felt like an ideal time to start.  I reluctantly brought some underpants downstairs for Truman and asked if he wanted to go potty and put them on.  He happily said “Ah yes!”  So into the bathroom we went!  We sat him on the potty every 15 minutes for the first 2 days, and since then he’s been in control of when he goes and has had only a couple of accidents, most of which he has stopped and finished on the potty.  He used the incentives a lot those first few days but even those have petered off.  He’s so good that I felt confident taking him shopping to multiple stores all morning yesterday.  And guess what?  He did great!  Not one issue!

He’s still in a diaper for naps and nighttime, but I’d say he’s off to a pretty great start! (knock on wood!)


3 thoughts on “Underpants (With no yucky details! Promise!)

  1. We’ll, in the end, Truman beat Emma to it. She had a bit of a backslide right before the move, so I just put it off completely. I think she and I both are looking forward to getting back on track now that we’re about settled. Way to go Truman!

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