Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

Was Easter a big deal in your house growing up?  For my family it included a new dress (and sometimes hat!), church, Ham and Funeral Potatoes, and a viewing of The Ten Commandments.  I remember a few times begging my mom to die eggs with me, which we did… and a couple of times when we were little, little I remember going to a community egg hunt… but those were the exceptions.  And you know what? I loved our simple Easters!

But you know me… I also enjoy a few fun extras!

This year’s first fun extra came when we were invited over to Jack’s friend Ethan’s house for a morning of play and egg dyeing.  Jack made his look like Dinosaur Eggs, Aly made 2 darling chick eggs, Truman played with Legos, I talked with the other mothers, and Dottie looked cute.  It was a delightful morning!

Fun Extra #2:  The Ward Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt!


To which Dorothy wore the dress/sweater that Daddy picked out for her before she was born.  He fell in LOVE with it, and it was so fun to see her in it finally!  We’ll have to get more Daddy Daughter pictures with her wearing it another day.  She would NOT look at the camera and smile.  Sheesh!


After the breakfast Daddy went to study and I took the kids to the park where we enjoyed absolutely perfect spring weather.  I tell you what…  Horrible winters may just be a blessing after all.  I have never enjoyed and appreciated spring more in my whole life!


Later that afternoon when Daddy was with us again we had a special Easter FHE.  Normally do FHE on Monday nights with the rest of the world, but that Monday I had been on the Interfaith Panel, so we skipped it till Saturday.  As part of the lesson we did an art project:  painting sunrises.  This was a good exercise for several reasons.

#1- It strengthened my resolve to have a weekly art project this summer because we all had such a great time.

#2- It taught me an important lesson about keeping family traditions alive.  You see… I had thought of doing this art project in place of our regular Easter Sunday tradition (Our Devotional at Dawn.  Year one HERE.)  I just wasn’t feeling up to rising that early, so I thought we could do this instead.  As we painted we talked about the same kinds of things as usual, so I thought we were good.  But guess what?  Even though I told the boys we were doing this INSTEAD of doing the devotional, come Sunday morning they were bounding into my room saying “I’m ready!  Let’s go outside!”  They were so disappointed when I said we weren’t doing it this year.

Never again, folks.  Never again.  Our traditions matter to our children and I am resolved to keep them up!

Still.  It was a fun little art project :).  Corey’s sunrise is currently being displayed on our fridge.  Jack and Aly’s are in their old art-project frames (from our home school summer) by our plate racks.  Also… when I got the frames out I found the last art project we did with them that I never posted about.  See the cute fishies they made?  The boys were so happy to see them again!



I know I already posted a picture of them from Easter morning at church, but I couldn’t resist a few more.  There are so many little details in these shots that I love!


Dorothy looked so pretty I wanted to get a few more of her in her dress:


Me trying to coax a smile for the camera out of her…


Am I expecting too much of my 3 month old???  Haha!

After church we had lunch and went for a glorious walk in the still-perfect-spring-weather.  Before too long it was time to head over to Gram and Grampa’s where an Easter Egg Hunt…


…and Easter Basket’s awaited us:


Look what came in Dorothy’s:


That Gram sure knows how to shop!

And since I am posting pictures of Dot in outfits Gram gave her, we may as well show you this too:


Too bad I forgot to get a shot of the fluffy tail on her bum!

One thought on “Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

  1. ooh the cuteness! I’m glad you had a good Easter. AND i’m shocked – shocked i tell you!- that you didn’t do the sunrise devotional! I thought about instituting it in our family this year…maybe next year… 😀

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