Do your kids have a favorite naughty thing to do?

Truman does.

He is not allowed to play with or use my phone without my express permission and help.

And yet… I often find him just like this:

Oh yes.  He knows he shouldn’t have it.

The problem is that Truman loves his Daddy so much.  He often asks for Corey when he’s at work, and I think Corey is secretly his favorite parent.  So what a wonderful day it must have been for him when he discovered he could talk to Daddy any time he wanted on that magical little “bone!”  If I happen to leave the phone out in a place where he can reach it and turn my back for even for 30 seconds you can bet he is in some hidden corner calling Corey.  His favorite place to hide is in Jack and Alaster’s closet.

We think it’s pretty hilarious that he has figured out how to call Corey and that he does it so consistently.  He never calls anyone else even though Corey isn’t the only shortcut call on my screen.

Apparently they have pretty much the same conversation each and every time he calls.  Here’s how it goes:

Corey:  “Hello?”
Truman: “Hi Daaeee!  Howahhyou?!?” (Hi Daddy!  How are you?)
Corey: “I’m doing pretty good, how are you?”
Truman: “Ahhhh …  ABC’s?”
Corey: “Okay.  Let’s hear it.”
Truman (Singing): “A B C D E nand G H I J K O O P  Ju Ju S T U B WawaU S Y nand Z now I know my ABC’s now I know my sing wib me.”
Corey: “Yay!  Good Job Truman.  Okay.  Now go give mommy the phone.”
Truman: –Silence–
Corey: “Truman?  Where’s Mommy???”
Truman: “Shower ahhhhh Car.” (In the shower.  I mean… in the car… yeah.  That sounds good.) Okay truthfully he often calls Corey when I am in the shower, but I don’t go in the car EVER and leave him home!
Corey: “Okay. Love you.  Bye-Bye Truman!”
Truman: “Ooo Ooo. Bye-bye.” (Love you, bye-bye!)

Then Corey hangs up, and if I haven’t found Truman at this point Truman calls right back and they repeat the same conversation.  He’s been known to call Corey 3 or 4 times in a row.


Does Corey enjoy these phone chats?

What do you think?!?

Ummmmm…Yes!  He totally loves them!

And we all totally love Truman.

I gotta say.  Truman is still the favorite around these parts. (Not with Mommy and Daddy mind you.  ALL of the kids are our favorites.)  Jack and Alaster want his hugs and loves, his conversation and attention more than anyone else.  They delight in telling me when he’s done something they find entertaining.  They think he is cute and funny and stinky and just pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

I think it’s because Truman was their baby, you know?  He’s been a novelty to them from the beginning.  Dottie doesn’t have that same appeal.  They already knew about babies when she was born. And to two silly 7 and 9 year old boys… no matter how dang sweet and cute she is… Dorothy just can’t quite compete with Truman’s currently hilarious toddler antics.  They love her to be sure, but there is just something about that Truman!

I asked Jack yesterday, “Is Truman your favorite?”  He didn’t even hesitate.  “Yes!” (With a huge smiles and a few giggles tacked on as if he was remembering something funny Truman had recently done.)  Jack is actually star of the week in his classroom and we were supposed to send in a few pictures this morning of Jack for the Star Board.  Would you believe that he mostly wanted to print out pictures of Truman?  We were going through the blog looking for pictures of Jack and he just kept stopping on the ones of his baby brother 🙂  I ended up letting him take one of THESE.

Yep.  That Truman is a special one!


I just hope he doesn’t turn out tooooooo spoiled the way we all dote on him!  My mom would say it’s impossible to spoil a child with love.  Let’s hope she’s right!


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