Blessing Baby

Last Sunday our darling baby girl became official!  She received a name and a beautiful blessing from her Daddy.

All of her local family gathered to be with her on her special day:




Did you know Corey likes to tease me that he’ll change our babies names during their blessings?  This time he kept saying “Blanche Devereaux,” sounded about right.  Don’t worry though, he’s all talk.  Our little Dorothy Elizabeth she remains. 🙂

In the circle with Corey stood Grandpa, our good, good friend Jeff Savage, our home teacher and friend Matt Adamson, Bishop Johnson, Brother Evans and Brother Jarvi (the Bishopric).  It was wonderful to see these good men gathered in love and in the power of the priesthood around Dot.

Corey’s words were inspired.  He said that she would be a good example and a calming presence in our home and to her future family.  He said that she had the gift of faith and that she would develop a strong testimony of the gospel and love of the Book of Mormon.  He blessed her that she would develop a close relationship with her Father in Heaven through consistent, sincere prayer.  He told her to turn to Father in Heaven in her struggles and when temptations arise.  He told her that temptations and trials would surround her on every side but that she was strong, and these difficulties would make her even stronger.  He assured her that Heavenly Father loves her and trusts her.  He closed with telling her that we, her family, love her too.


Those were the notes that I took during the blessing, but I thought Dot would appreciate some insight into the impressions Corey was receiving and what he felt as he held her that lead him to say the things he did.  So… without further ado… here’s Corey:

Hello everyone. blessing one of your own babies is one of the sweetest experiences I think a priesthood holder can have. Holding a newly arrived little person, that you love so much and want so much for, is wonderful. And blessing Dorothy was as special as it has ever been. As I was blessing her and the words were coming, talking about difficulties and temptations and persecutions ( I don’t think I used that exact word, but that is what I felt), and all of the these things that she will have to face as the world around us continues to deteriorate morally, I felt that she is a such a strong spirit, and a resilient person. As Ashlee said, the blessing stated that she would develop a deep relationship with Heavenly Father, and a love for the Book of Mormon. I believe that those two things will be the biggest factors in her remaining firm as she faces those difficulties. I commented to our friend afterward that I felt like I had blessed Dorothy to just be like her mom. She’ll be just fine if she turns out as well as Ashlee did.


Ashlee here again.  I sure love that husband of mine.  And we sure love our babies!  I was pretty surprised during the blessing to hear Corey talk about temptations and trials surrounding our precious little girl.  I don’t think he mentioned anything like that with the boys.  At first I was sad for her, and maybe I still am a little, but I was also grateful that Heavenly Father would reveal that to her Father so that he and I can parent her (and our boys too!) with that in mind.  We need to raise children that are strong.  Children that will walk in the light and can withstand the temptations and persecution of the world.  We live in perilous times and we know Satan’s attacks will only increase as the second coming draws near.  I am grateful that Corey also received two instructions that will help her.  I am not surprised at all that they were simple answers to complicated problems.  Scripture study.  Prayer.  She can do that!

What do you think?  Does she look like a strong one to you?


Haha!  What a sweetie!  That was what she looked like after church when we took the blessing dress off.  I had to show you the silky underpants and the onesie she was wearing.

We actually dressed Dorothy for her blessing with great care.  To me what she wore represented all the love and support of family and friends that Dorothy is blessed to have.  The headband is from the Lewis and Whitehead clans (representative of ALL our family that lives far away, but still mean so much to us!), the tights were from her Gram and Grampa Burton (representative of her extended family that is close AND her other set of Grandparents, who I’m sure were with us on Sunday), her onesie was specially made for her by our friend Katie Parent (representative of ALL our friends that we love and rely on so much!), and her dress was a gift from Mommy and Daddy.

Our perfect little Dot of love:


After church we headed to Gram and Grampa’s for a party.  I didn’t take many pictures, but I did love this one of her with Uncle Tyler:


We ate, played games, and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon with our family.  Corey and I were both pretty worn out.  The day before her blessing was our massive Stake Women’s Conference, so the whole week had been a busy whirlwind.  It was lovely to just rest for a minute!  I didn’t even make the food we ate.  I bought it! Not one bit of preparation on my part except for purchasing it.  That’s how tired I was!

It was Casey and Kristine’s first time meeting Dot.  We haven’t seen these two for a long time!!!  We have missed them and were so glad they could come for her special day.


Happy Blessing Day baby girl!  We love every little thing about you!

3 thoughts on “Blessing Baby

  1. What a special day! You all look fabulous. Corey, may I say that I am very impressed by you?! I love that you were willing to share your thoughts about the blessing on the blog. I absolutely agree that if she is at all like her mother she will be just fine! You are a one of a kind elect lady! Love you Ash!!!

  2. The fact that her daddy even KNEW the BD name is precious and hilarious. Love that boy/daddy. What a lovely lovely blessing and a warning for us all. Love the Burton Clan. Thank you thank you Burton’s one and all.

  3. I really l wish we could have been with you on this wonderful day. Thanks for telling so many details. We love you all.

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