3 Month Baby Girl

Baby Dot turned 3 months old last Friday.  Here’s our shots from her 3 month shoot.  I need to work on lighting.  I think I have a bit too much of it in these!

Dot continues to be the sweetest, happiest, cutest baby girl I’ve ever known.  She is so content and so easy to please.  So many days I think “Wow!  What would I do if Dorothy were hard?!?”  Our life is hectic and crazy and often I am not able to give Dot the undivided attention that I’d like to. Through it all she remains calm, patient and easy going.  She loves the attention when she gets it, but she doesn’t often demand it.  What a sweetie!

This month she has started to smile more consistently.

Yay!  And I know I shouldn’t brag, but she saves her best ones for me.  🙂  We have also heard a few laughs!  I like to kiss her cheeks like crazy to elicit this heavenly sound, and Jack has had some success making her laugh with his silly faces and sounds.  Her laugh is low and gravely.  It makes us all so happy when we hear it!


Dottie is now waking up usually only once to eat in the night (hallelujah!) and she officially doesn’t have any consistent fussy spells.

I know she’s ready for bed when she starts shaking her head back and forth.  It’s like she’s trying to push her head down like when she lays flat.  Easy cue to read, huh?  She’s going down between 8-9 every night and sleeping till 7 or 8am, bless her!


Did you know Dot snores when she sleeps?  I have had to take her out of the co-sleeper and put her in the crib.  I wasn’t able to sleep so close to her sounds!  The crib is in our room, but not directly next to me so we’re good now. 🙂


And now you can enjoy some pictures and commentary of this last month:


She slept like this next picture for quite some time!  She woke up mid-nap for a stretch but didn’t stay awake long enough to finish it!  Haha!  I didn’t know it was possible to sleep with your arms stretched out like that!  I’m sure I couldn’t!


And speaking of sleep… is she not the very picture of loveliness when she slumbers?  I mean seriously.  Look how pretty she is!


She is perfect!  Then she wakes up and flashes me one of these:


My heart melts and I feel like a million bucks!

Here we are in our PJ’s waking up to the day:


And Jack had to get in on some of her cuteness…


Haha!  The pictures don’t do it justice.  They looked so cute together!


I have tried to see if she can grasp toys.  So far they just overwhelm her…


She still loves tubbie time:


And I still love dressing her:


Happy Monday All!

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