Lookie, lookie!

Do you notice a slight change in Alaster’s smile???

How ’bout now?


First Lost Tooth:  April 12, 2014.


That tooth had been wiggly for quite some time.  Then on Friday it started to really hurt when he ate (a good sign!) but he told me that he really, really didn’t want to lose it until he was at school because if he lost it there he would get a special little tooth box to bring it home in. (Alaster absolutely loves special little things like that!)  I told him to chew carefully and I’d cross my fingers for him.  Unfortunately by Saturday morning it was just barely, barely hanging on and when he ate breakfast it popped right out.  Woops!

Not to worry.  His disappointment was almost immediately overcome by his joy at having lost his first tooth.  We all oohed and ahhed and celebrated with him.  I shook his hand and said “Congratulations son!  You’re an adult now!”  He laughed and laughed (and looked a little proud) at that funny joke.  He also made a quick phone call to Gram, who added her hearty congratulations.

The tooth (and the baggie he put it in) are currently MIA (Scary thought, huh?  What other crazy things are hiding in that room of theirs, I wonder?!?).  When he finds them he plans to put it under his pillow. “I know the tooth fairy isn’t real, but YOU’RE real mom!”

So true.  Find that tooth bud and you’ll have a shiny new quarter to show for it! (Or maybe a dollar.  I think we gave Jack a dollar for his first.  I’m positive that child would have tried to finagle more than a quarter out of us!)


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  1. THAT BOY CRACKS ME UP!!! Of course your remember Cal’s first tooth loss and the $5 tooth RIGHT? Oh how fun it was to hear your mama tell the story of having NO CHANGE only a $5er or was is $10… no pretty sure it was a $5er… That was something when we all had kids similar ages.. enjoy finding the tooth… some teeth we never found until we moved out of the house in Provo… love aunt deedee

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