Conference Cutie/I Know It Is True!

This weekend our Darling Dot experienced her first ever General Conference weekend.

Here’s my little Conference Cutie all dressed and ready to go to Gram and Grampa’s for the Sunday sessions:

Ooooh those cheeks!

Dorothy had a wonderful weekend and so did I.  As always, at the end of each session I felt the strongest desire and urgency to hit my knees and pray.  I pray daily anyway, but it’s different after conference.   The words of our prophets and other inspired leaders bring the spirit in such abundance!  Revelation just flows and flows… ways I need to repent, people I need to forgive, service I need to offer.  There are truths confirmed, testimony strengthened and that calm assurance that things will be okay.  Not only do I want to talk to my Father about those things and ask for His help to get started improving right away, but I want to thank Him.  I want to thank Him for the precious gift of the gospel in my life, for the infinite and eternal sacrifice of His son, for the words I have received, for my family, for my covenants, for the blessing of His truths and light and goodness in my life.  At conference time it is truly easy for me to recognize the many ways that my cup runneth over.

I was thinking about these feeling I always have after conference and Jesus’ teaching “by their fruits ye shall know them,” came to my mind.  The church is true.  I know it is.  President Monson and those who serve closely with him in the holy apostleship really are the Lord’s mouthpiece on the earth today.  I know it because the spirit has born that witness to my soul, but also because their teachings bring me closer to God and help me access the atonement to change and become a better person.  Their teachings fill me with hope, happiness and strength.  What beautiful fruits!

I can’t wait to start studying the talks in more detail in my personal scripture study!  I think I am going to start with Elder Oaks’ talk from the priesthood session.  Corey told me he addressed Women and the Priesthood… something that I studied a lot this past year!

Your turn!  What did you learn at Conference?  What were your favorite talks?  Do share!


One thought on “Conference Cutie/I Know It Is True!

  1. Oh my! Can I say this is my absolute favorite picture of Dot so far? As far as conference goes, I’m going to have to admit that I missed most of it due to a long drive to Texas and some sick kids. But I did enjoy President Uchtdorf’s talk about gratitude and look forward to catching up on the rest. 😉

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