Passing on the Throne

Hear ye!  Hear ye!

Queen Dorothy Elizabeth has come of age and is ready to assume her rightful place on the throne!


I’ll have to commission Jack to create our little queen a proper crown.  Remember he did that for King Truman? HERE.  I bet he could come up with something really cool now.  That kid makes the most amazing things!

Anyway… I am thrilled that Dot is stable enough to sit in the throne and start surveying our kingdom.  Truthfully it’s a challenge for her little neck (she only spent about 25 minutes there this morning and then slept for 4 hours straight afterward!), but I think the exercise is good for her.

Truman loved having her next to him while he played.  He is getting sweeter and sweeter with his baby Sis every single day!


Hard to believe it has been so long since King Truman sat on the throne.

What a cool big boy that little king is turning out to be!


And I’m so glad he still likes to keep me company in the kitchen.

Every mom needs darling littles about her feet while she works in the most important family room of the house!

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