As You Wish

Apparently some of you were getting antsy for more baby Dot pictures (I can hardly blame you!) so I thought I’d tell you a bit about our afternoon yesterday.  First off… to satisfy your craving, here’s a couple shots of our Dottie Dot from yesterday morning:

Good gracious, I love that little girl!  I feel to tell you that in real life she is every bit as sweet as she looks in these pictures!  Unbelievable!  True!

Okay, so back to our afternoon.

This winter has been so abysmal that even a slight raise in the temperature goes straight to our heads.  We should have been home folding laundry and practicing piano, but instead we took our first long walk of the spring!  Yay!  We took to our favorite route by rollerblade, scooter, new blue shoes and stroller:


Everyone was being so cute!  Jack was totally cracking me up.  The faster he got, the wider his legs spread and the further his bum stuck out.  I couldn’t help laughing at him!  He, of course, wanted to know what was so funny???  I told him honestly expecting him to be indignant, but he just laughed with me and said “I know!”

It was really windy and I think Dorothy found it a bit shocking!  You know how babies kind of have a hard time catching their breath in strong wind???  Yeah.  But true to her nature, she didn’t complain a bit!  I went back and forth between covering her up and letting her feel it.  I wanted her to get some fresh air because the rest of us were enjoying it so much!  PS- I LOOOOOVE the right picture in this collage.  Her little tongue!


I had told myself we would only evade our indoor responsibilities for the duration of one walk, but it did feel kind of mean to not take Truman to the slides… I mean… Jack and Aly had their rollerblades/scooter for fun during the walk, but Truman didn’t!  Soooooo… we went to the playground too.  Jack and Aly went down the slide over and over again together, inventing new ways to be attached as they slid down.  It was dangerous and silly and just right, I think!  They were pretty out of control and by the time we left their faces were all scratched and banged up (Something Aly was rather proud of, if you want to know the truth!).  But weren’t they cute best-buddies in their matching T-Shirts and everything??? (Yes, they had planned that!)

Truman, Dot and I had a great time too.  I held Dottie as I talked to my friends (we weren’t the only ones who felt the need to get outdoors!) and Truman is always, always happy to be romping around with the big boys outside!



Did we get the indoor stuff done too, you ask?

Yep!  When we finally made it home we worked hard and fast to complete homework, piano practice, showers (whew!  they needed it!) and got dinner ready for when Daddy came home.

The laundry may not have gotten folded… but… oh well!  It was still there for me this morning 🙂

Yesterday afternoon made me anxious for more Spring and just around the corner… Summer!  Yay!  This summer is going to be amazing, I can feel it!  Yesterday I smelled barbeque emanating from someone’s back yard and I didn’t even get slightly sick!  Huzzah!

3 thoughts on “As You Wish

  1. As always I could feel every bit of your fun!!!
    You always manage to write amazing things.
    Happy children from exercise. Happy mama remembering this day 5 years from now. Happy daddy who made it possible for mama to be home. Happy family forever!! Love aunt deedee

  2. Thank you for the much anticipated Dottie pics! She is so adorable! Of course I love reading about the rest of you as well, so this post was just right. 🙂 I hear you about spring……it snowed here in UT this week and I was grumbling about it to Brandon. He said today in Texas it’s 80 degrees and he’s roasting after being in the cold so recently! I was jealous! Can’t wait to get there and enjoy it with him.

  3. Isn’t it funny how desperate we all are for a bit of lovely weather???

    I’m SUPER impressed that you had such a big, fun, happy outing and still managed to get all of the housework done (sans laundry, which doesn’t count anyway). Sometimes it can be really difficult to have both happy-family-bonding-time and productivity in the same day. Go you!!

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