Bummer Weekend Happy Life

Well.  Corey and I had our Happy Anniversary trip this weekend.

It was…. not what we hoped it would be!  Darn it!

It all started on Thursday night.  My throat felt really, really dry and the whole day I just felt off.  Then on Friday I woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever had!  It was excruciatingly painful. I was almost certain it was strep.  I spent the morning with final preparations for the weekend… cleaning house, getting the kids ready etc.  just kind of hoping it would go away.  It didn’t though, so the first thing Corey and I did after we dropped the kids off with Gram and Grampa was…. dun da da dun!… go to Instacare!  How romantic, no?  Actually, in the past WE HAVE HAD FUN AT INSTA-CARE, but this time was different.  It was the last place on earth we wished to start our long anticipated weekend alone.

Diagnosis?  I do not have strep.  I actually have a horrible sinus infection!  Apparently my throat is in pain because the drainage down the back of my throat has irritated it.  I was prescribed an antibiotic and sent on my way.

I felt crummy but we were determined to make the best of things.  Thankfully we had already decided to make this a stay-cation and didn’t have to drive a few hours to begin having fun.  We left insta-care and went directly to the movies!  Yay!  Here we are at the onset, happy and excited to see the much-hyped Noah in IMAX:


Here we are after it was over, giving you our opinion of how it was:


Worst. Movie. Ever.  Soooooo unbelievably bad.  It was so lame that I don’t even want to spend time telling you why we hated it because that would dignify the movie as worthy of discussion, which, I assure you, it is not.  If you have even a shred of respect for the Bible or Prophets or God (or for people who believe in those things even if you don’t) don’t see it.  For realsies.  But enough of that.

From there our original plan after the movie was to hit a hot local spot for dinner, live music and dancing.  Unfortunately by then chills were racking my entire body, my head was aching, and the thought of getting gussied up, walking to the place and having to sit and wait for our food (let alone dancing!) made me want to crawl in a hole and die, so instead we just picked up my prescription and went to Subway.

Isn’t that depressing?

I know Corey was particularly disappointed because he felt just fine!  He couldn’t have been nicer to me about the whole situation (I may have cried a little bit at the grocery store when we picked up my prescription), but I still felt horrible about it.  During dinner I attempted to liven things up a little bit, and guess what?  We found out that even after 10 years of marriage there are still a few things we don’t know about each other!  We discovered that I had never told him I was Student Body President of my Jr. High (I ran an epic campaign, I don’t know how I never told him this before!) and I never knew the story of his first kiss!  So at least our conversation was fun!


After dinner we checked in at our hotel.  It was beautiful!  We are huge fans of Marriott Hotels, I must say!  And Corey scored us a seriously amazing room!  I changed immediately into pajamas and got into the luxurious, fluffery king-sized bed to try and warm up.  I could NOT calm my shaking body down.  Eventually Corey’s spooning settled me down and we enjoyed being married people for a little bit 🙂

But by 8:30pm a fever set in and I was done-for.  Corey did some internet research and found that I could take a cold/flu medicine to control my symptoms while taking the antibiotic so he went to Target and returned with some medicine, juice and other things to help (The salt was for a warm salt water gargle.  It worked!)  He also administered a priesthood blessing which of course brought me comfort.


After a fitful night of sleep and some TV watching in the morning (until we were forced to check out at noon) we went home.  End of Anniversary Story. Pretty pathetic, huh?

At home I went to bed and stayed there for the rest of the day.  Corey relaxed until the boys came home and then did dinner and put them to bed.

A Bright Spot in All of This:  The boys had a fantastic time with Gram and Grampa!  How blessed we are to have them close!  They were amazing as usual, and we were glad that at least the boys had the fun they were expecting and looking forward to!

And so I don’t end on yet another sad note with Corey and I, I thought I’d show you these:


On our actual anniversary Corey gave me those roses, the best love letter in the history of love letters (Oh, how I wish I was as wonderful as he thinks I am!) that I will treasure for the rest of my days, chocolates, and a new church bag (So thoughtful!  One of those things I didn’t ask for, but was so, so excited to have!).

It’s a bummer that our anniversary celebration wasn’t quite what we hoped it would be, but you know what?  It’s okay.  Really.  Special days like that can be fun and exciting, but in the end they are just extra.  It’s the living and loving and working together day in and day out that really makes life grand!  And in our daily life Corey and I have been tremendously blessed with harmony and happiness.

So what more could we really want?

PS- New blog post idea:  I think I should start recording some stories from our life together that have never been written down… stuff from when we were dating, our engagement story, our wedding day memories and the like.  That would be fun, huh???  Anyone have a good name for what I could call the series of posts???

4 thoughts on “Bummer Weekend Happy Life

  1. Rats! I’m sorry it wasn’t quite what you had planned! Totally bummed to hear about Noah. I had such high hopes as I love that particular story. Did you read Matt Walsh’s review? Between yours and his, rest assured the Morgans will not be seeing it. (I was a bit leery anyhow about Russell Crowd as Noah. Seriouisly???!)

    And now if you don’t mind me saying so….the blog needs more Dot!! 🙂

  2. I loved this post, even if it wasn’t the anniversary extravaganza you were hoping for! Some of the most special moments in marriage happen when things don’t go as planned and “opportunities” arise for truly selfless service. That’s true love!

    And you are every bit as wonderful as Corey thinks you are. Just FYI. 🙂

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