Mr. Jacko turned nine on Saint Patrick’s Day!

We have decided when the Burton children turn 9 they are officially done with themed-birthday-party-extravaganzas.  Jack has certainly grown out of that stage.  He loved it when we did it, but he honestly didn’t really want the theme and the games and all the hoopla this year.  All he wanted was to choose what we ate for the day and to have his friends from school over to play.  Easy Peasy!  And it all turned out really well.  At dinner he said at least 5 times “This is the Best Birthday EVER!!!!”

Here he is with his chosen breakfast:  (A real treat.  Usually sugary cereal is reserved for Christmas Day only!)

In the morning while the boys were at school Truman and I made Jack’s cake.  He requested “chocolate with a green clover on top.”  We made him THIS triple layer chocolate sour cream cake.  (Click on the link, okay?  Trust me, you want this recipe!  It was so tall it barely fit in my larger-than-average cake stand, and it was so delish that we ate every last bite throughout the course of the next week!  Usually for health reasons I toss the cake after we are done.)

Isn’t my sous chef a cutie?


Behold!  Chocolate Heaven!


For lunch Jack wanted sushi.  I made it for him once and he’s asked for it again at least a thousand times since then. But guess what?  I always say “no!”  Only Jack and Corey liked it, and it was sooooo much work!

For his birthday instead of making it myself I picked some up.  To make it special Truman, Dorothy and I delivered it in person and stayed with Jack for lunch.  Truman was totally intimidated by all the kids and the noise.  Dorothy charmed everyone who laid eyes on her.  And Jack LOVED his California Rolls!


At 4:30 Jack’s 3 best friends from school came to play.  They were so stinking cute playing together!  They played with Legos in Jack’s room for a while, but mostly they played like this:


First they played inside and then they wanted to go out.  Before they left I laid out the rules of outside.  I ended with “Now you boys are old enough I can trust you out there, right?”  to which Jack’s friend Ayden replied “Oh don’t worry.  We’re the weird ones that actually obey the rules.”  Haha!  It’s true!  Jack and his friends are such good boys!  And I guess they are getting old enough to realize that not everyone thinks rule keeping is cool or normal… but guess what?  They do it anyway!  Good on ya, boys!

Also, I loved that the older boys included Aly as one of the gang.  It never was even a question and I could have kissed them for it!  (I did thank Jack later and the look on his face told me that the thought that he would NOT include Aly had never even crossed his mind.  What a good brother!)


Jeff and Eva were outside too!  Fun!


Daddy came home after work and Jack’s friends stayed for dinner.  Jack originally requested Salmon, Brown Rice and Veggies, but I convinced him to think of something more kid friendly, so he went with Sloppy Joes.  Only guess what?!? Just one kid (besides Jack and Aly) ate it!  So I just had to ask… “Raise your hand if you would have eaten Salmon.”  And they ALL RAISED THEIR HANDS!  My children are different than when I was young!  Oh well.  Even the boys who didn’t eat the sandwiches ate a ton of the fresh veggies we served with them.  At least they had something in their stomachs before we pulled the cake out!


After dinner Gram, Grampa and Tyler came for cake and presents.  This is the only picture I took after that.  It’s not the best quality, but I love it anyway because I think it says a lot about what kind of grandparents they are. (Hands-on Good ones!)



After cake Jack said goodbye to his friends, all of whom gave Jack giant hugs as they left.  One mom leaned over to me as we watched a particularly long hug between Jack and Isaiah and she said “Man, I’m going to miss this when they go to middle school!”

Then we opened presents.  Gram and Grampa gave him a new Lego set (that he got to go on a special shopping trip with them to pick out!), a box for Lego characters, a Lego Storm Trooper clock and a stuffed leprechaun. Fun!  From Mom and Dad he got gear for his microscope (That he got for Christmas and I never told you about because I STILL haven’t blogged about Christmas! Ahhhhhh!) so that he can make his own slides (petri dishes, glass slides, a case, droppers… stuff like that) and a ZOMBIE PLANT GROWING KIT which we have started and is coming along quite nicely!

Jack is the best.  We are so stinking proud of the boy he is!  Just this past month we have received 2 emails from his primary teachers (I think they both wrote to us separately and didn’t tell each other) about what a great boy he is in their class.  They said he’s been a wonderful example of reverence and that he’s contributing real, good answers to the questions they ask.  I can’t tell you how happy we were to get these emails.  Jack loves to be funny (at Parent Teacher Conferences we heard all about how Jack is the class funny-guy.  Haha!) but he is finally learning when it is appropriate and when he should be serious, and that he can actually enjoy being serious too!

Jack is smart, talented, helpful and growing kinder and more considerate every day.  We are so lucky to have him as the oldest child of our family!  Happy Birthday Jack!  We hope you enjoy your last year in single digits!!!


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