Sunday Success Story

Good News All!

Truman is officially a glasses-wearing-two-year-old.  All of your input was helpful and contributed to our conversations surrounding the best way to help him, so thank you, thank you!

So you want to know what finally worked?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Desperate times called for desperate measures.  On Saturday morning Corey, Jack and I tackled Truman to the ground and forced the glasses (with the straps on the back) on his sweet, struggling little face.  “All three of you?  Was that really necessary?”  (I hear you asking!)  Yep.  It really was!  He’s just that strong and wiggly.  Getting glasses on a wiggly face (while the body is thrashing around too, mind you) is much harder than… say…  getting a shirt over a wiggly head.  Trust me on that.

So anyway:  We tackled him, got them on and then Corey held Truman on his lap with his arms pinned at his side.  We put on Truman’s current favorite movie (Monster’s University) and waited till he finally stopped struggling.  It took about 15 minutes. The whole time he was still crying and asking “Mmmmofff?  Mmmmoff?” (take them off?  take them off?) When he finally stopped trying to get free Corey asked “Are you going to leave them on?” and Truman said “Yes,” so Corey let him loose.

And guess what?  It worked?  He took them off a few times that morning, but allowed Corey to put them back on each time.   Jack and Alaster were also extremely helpful.  They were encouraging and kind.  Jack even let Truman play with his brand new Lego set that Jack just got for his birthday in an attempt to help distract Truman.  After Truman’s nap he wore them all afternoon and evening and didn’t take them off again.  He kept asking “Mmmmoff?” but we just kept insisting “no,” changing the subject as quickly as possible.

I think what made the biggest difference was having Corey home. (Hmmmm. That seems to always make the biggest difference.)  It was a whole-family effort and I think together we turned an important corner!  Honestly, it was a really great weekend.  It started with this family goal of helping Truman and I think that spirit of unity and love just kept going.  It was refreshing and beautiful.

AND By. the. way.  I don’t think the pictures I posted of Truman in his glasses really did the new look justice.  Truman has got to be the cutest little 2 and a half year old that ever wore glasses in the history of ever.  This afternoon he came to my knees, pushed his bespectacled face towards me and said “Mom. A twockwate?”  (Mom, can I have a chocolate?) and I got that heart-squeezy feeling.  You know the one I mean. It kind of hurts, but you wouldn’t trade the feeling or the person who gave it to you for anything in the whole wide world because it’s just pretty perfect?  Yeah.  You know what I mean.

So there you have it.  A nice Sunday success story.  I’ll post more pictures of Truman in the glasses soon.  I know I’ve been saying it for ages, but Truman is DUE for an update!  I have about a billion stories saved up!

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