Friday Funny



Well… Truman certainly wasn’t wearing them… and I was curious… 🙂

Can you see how strong the prescription is in that right eye???  The glass is SO thick!

I know this picture kind of deserves an update with Truman, but I don’t want to talk about it yet.  It’s not going well.

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions though!  It meant a lot to me that you would want to help.  I have tried them.  My Aunt Shir’s suggestion to make them silly with eyebrows or something worked for a minute… He thought he looked like Super Why but after doing that once he was done.  He is stubborn enough that no bribe is worth it to him.  Letting him watch TV or eat treats all day on the condition that he wear his glasses hasn’t been effective.  He is happy to go without.  Jack and Aly’s encouragement “Let’s wear our glasses together Truman!” “Wow!  Those are SO cool, you should wear them!” didn’t help.  And those straps that go on the back and keep them on his face actually inflamed the situation.  He freaked out when I added them and nearly broke the glasses as he wrenched them off his face.

We’re going to keep with it through this weekend, but if things haven’t improved by Monday we’re calling the Dr. We’re hoping she can help in some way.  We’ll do anything we can to avoid surgery!  Please continue to keep Truman in your prayers.

Well what do you know?  Apparently I did want to talk about it!

Happy Friday All!  Jack and Aly are out of school and we are going to try and make the day a special one.  Hope you do too!

3 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. My friends little girl who is 3 is getting glasses and I asked her what if she doesn’t wear them. She said her dr said if it’s been a week and she doesn’t wear them she’d give her eye drops that make her see super blury and so she’ll WANT to wear them to see anything. So you could always ask about that.

  2. You poor things! 😦 I have had a flash of inspiration! This morning, just before I read your post, Levi came in to me crying because he had put tape all across his head into his hair and couldn’t get it off. Truman’s problem is that he hates having the glasses on his face, right? What if taking them off hurt worse than leaving them on? I vote for lots and lots of tape. All the way around the back of his head. Or maybe his fingertips! What if you put the glasses on his and then put tape around each of his fingertips? he’d be distracted by getting the tape off and leave the glasses on? I know the idea of purposely distressing your son isn’t tasteful, but it IS for his own good, right? We’ve done similar things with our own kids (particularly stubborn Benjamin) Take away something truly dangerous for him and he’d just go right back at it. Take it away again and several other privileges, such that he is distracted by those and take away so many that we can give one or two back to make him happy again. Do every “mean” thing — keep him inside, put PB on his feet, all while glasses are taped on his head. Maybe then glasses alone won’t seem so bad. Keep at it friend! However you manage to solve this problem, you will be wiser and better for it.

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