The Name of My Game Today


How long can I convince Truman to keep his “gwackas,”on?!?!

Oh guys.  We’re off to a rough start.  He hates them so badly!  The chips/movie bribe has got him to keep them on for about 1 minute at a time.  After he rips them off (I wouldn’t be surprised if they are broken by the end of the day) it takes a minute or two of coaxing before I get them back on.

The thing is… he NEEDS these glasses.  NEEDS.  His eye sight for the rest of his life depends on it.  No time to tell you the details at the moment because I need to get back to my game, but would you say a little prayer for my Truman today?  And if you have any suggestions of how to help him want to keep them on… I am all ears!



4 thoughts on “The Name of My Game Today

  1. My sister’s daughter has strabismus in both of her eyes and has been wearing glasses since she was about 12 months old. I know keeping them on has been a struggle for my sister as well (also preventing other children from grabbing them and breaking them). Her daughter is four now. I’ll ask her if she has any tips. Good luck with that game!

  2. Yes! we will say a prayer and maybe add some funny eyebrows to them to make them like dress up – or show him a picture of superman with his glasses on

  3. So I’ve been thinking about this A LOT because the second I saw them I thought “Oh my goodness how would I keep them on Chetah.” Here are my two suggestions…although seeing as I’ve never had to deal with this take them for what they are worth. I’d play up how he now matches Alister…like now they are twinners or something. My other suggestion since I’m pretty sure you’re the kind of mom who doesn’t let your kids totally abuse media like I do….is there something he loves, TV, Wii, computer games. I’d say, “look sweetie you can have unlimited TV time (or whatever media he loves) as long as you have your glasses on.” If they come off, media goes off. Back on, media back on.” And for two weeks or so I’d just tolerate a constant media marathon. Hopefully by the end he’d be feeling a little more positive about the whole thing. Poor little guy, but he is definitely adorable 🙂

  4. Oh no! But how adorable is he and gwackas! I wish I had some advice for you but I don’t. Lots of love and prayers though!

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