Before we go to bed, Dottie asked that I send you her love and wish you all a most Happy, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

Awwwwww.  She’s sweet, huh?!  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you too baby girl!

Up Tomorrow:  Birthday Report.  My eldest turned 9 today people!


6 thoughts on “

  1. I suppose I can’t complain that THIS post isn’t the birthday report when you fill it with THAT adorable face! I love her!

  2. Oh Ash she is completely adorable…. JACK IS 9 HOW CAN THAT BE… I always think of him as so much younger than April’s girls…. NOT SO he is older than Isabelle!!! Oh how I wished they were all going to be together this summer… bummer… call or text me… love aunt deedee

  3. I epically love the bottom right one and imagine you laughing at it – You did didn’t you? Can’t wait to hear about Jack’s b-day! Hope it was really fun for him! We are having fun with Uncle today.

  4. Those eyes are definitely staying blue. It was my experience (2 blue eyed kids, 2 brown) that my blue eyed kids eyes lighted up earlier and we were sure of the color a month or two earlier. She looks just like E ang Gigi did. Hello Ms. Blue eyes!

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