Corey should really be writing this post.  He is the one who spent hours of manly bonding with his son.  He is the one who was able to attend the event.  He is the leader of all things scouts in our home.

He was actually looking over my shoulder as I prepared the pictures and such.  When I uploaded them to wordpress I said “You know… you should really be the person writing this post…” to which he replied… I’m quoting directly here… “I’m not good word put-er-together.”  Soooo… yeah.  I’ll be writing this.  As his punishment (you realize Corey has an English degree so I refuse to believe his lies) I have named the post “Derbylicious,”  which is maybe the last thing on Earth he would want it named.  Maybe now he’ll be more enthusiastic about guest posting on this blog from time to time!

Anyway.  That’s not what this post is about.

Behold! Jack! His car! And his supporters at this year’s pinewood derby!


His car was supposed to be… reptilian.  (I asked him if it was a snake or a lizard and he said “either.”)  But he wasn’t after the “Best in Show,” award.  No, no.  He wanted to be the fastest car!

Corey and Jack worked overtime on his car.  To give you some idea of what they did to reduce friction and maximize their speed.  Together they…

-ground down the axles
-sanded down the axles with various grits of sandpaper
-sanded the wheels
-put toothpaste on pipecleaners and smoothed the inside of the wheel
-researched the best weight placement and placed weight accordingly
-rubbed graphite lubricant into the wheel well and all around the wheels and axles
-made sure the wheel alignment was perfect

And in the end these strategies…


Worked!  Jack won the whole danged derby!  His car won race after race until he claimed first prize.

Here he is leading the top six competitors:


And with his trophy:


When asked about the experience (by me… the post writer…) Corey said :

“It was fun.”  (insert eye roll from me)

When Jack was asked (separately from his father mind you) he said:

“It was fun.” (are you kidding me?!?)

Since they won’t say it, I will:  Corey and Jack loved making the car together.  Jack looks up to his father in so many ways and cherishes getting to do things like this with him one-on-one (and it’s safe to say Daddy does too!). The race was just the icing on the cake!

And in case you are wondering, I didn’t end up going to watch because Truman got sick and the event didn’t start until after his bedtime. I stayed home to care for our two littles. BUT… Corey sent me text updates as the evening progressed and then Jack excitedly told me all about it when he got home.

What a fun, fun night!


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