Bespectacled Boy

Do you want the short or the long story today?

Short Story:  Alaster got glasses!  We picked up his prescription last night, and here he is at breakfast this morning eating oatmeal and preparing to wear them to school for the first time!  What do you think?  Cute, huh?  Aly chose the style himself:

Long Story:  Alaster has been experiencing headaches.  It’s pretty much breaking our hearts to think that this problem is starting for him already.  Given the fact that pretty much every Burton has them, we figured the kids might deal with it too at some point… but not yet! Corey (who has them on a basically daily basis and once had one so severe that it lasted 6 months and cost him 2 amazing jobs!) feels particularly sorry for the poor kid.

I took Aly to our Pediatrician for some advice.  After talking with Aly and looking him over the good Doc suggested that we get his eyes and his head looked at more closely.  We visited the optometrist last week and learned that Aly is slightly far-sighted.  It’s mild enough that if he hadn’t been experiencing headaches she probably wouldn’t have prescribed glasses.  Buuuuuuut she did think it was possible that his eyes are causing the problem or are at least contributing to it… so why not give glasses a shot and see if they help?

Corey’s mom wears glasses and told me that if she needs even a slight change to her prescription she knows it because of the headaches it gives her.  So maybe Alaster is sensitive in that way too?  Who knows!  All I know is that I am willing to try if it may help him.  We also have a neurology appointment scheduled in May.


That Alaster.  He sure is a good egg!   He’s been so positive and sweet about all of this.  And I must say:  Corey and I are grateful for his responsible and trustworthy nature.  It gives a parent peace of mind at times like these!  I had no doubts sending him off this morning that he would be obedient and remember our many instructions related to the glasses, and I was right!

Thanks buddy!  You’re the best!


4 thoughts on “Bespectacled Boy

  1. Oh my. He is adorable in those glasses. I really hope that is the cause of his headaches. I know Corey’s health problems have been extremely stressful for both of you. I know you both are hoping that your children won’t have the same trials. Oh Ashlee, so hard when your babies are hurting. We’ll keep this little cutie in our prayers!

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