Good News!

Truman has finally started to love his little sister!  I took these pictures this morning.  Seeeeeeee???

(You looked at every single one of those pictures in that collage, right?!?  You saw his cute little finger pointing at her in the top middle one???)

So yeah!  Truman has been noticing and liking her more and more every day!

At least twice a day he comes up to her and puts his face as close to hers as possible and says “Baaaaaaaaby!” or “Doooohdeeeee!”  Then he twists his face up and laughs in a weird, high pitched, forced laugh that is actually super sweet because I know it means he’s trying.  He’s happy and he likes her and he just doesn’t know what else to do to express it, I think!  He’s still not touching her much though, don’t let that collage fool you.  This morning was an anomaly.

I’ve been asking him if we should bring Dorothy with us if we are… say… going upstairs to play.  And guess what?!?  His answer has been a happy, sincere “Ahhh, Yes!” And he has noticed when she is gone.  He’ll ask me “A Baby???”

We knew it would happen.  This is Truman we’re talking about, after all!  Truman sweetest-baby-boy-on-the-block Burton!  And frankly, I don’t think anyone could hold out on loving this face…



… for long!


4 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I love all these pictures. I really love your family pic too. What a cute family. Not only are you adorable but you look happy. Anyone can smile but happiness is from within. I can feel that from these pictures that I view. What a neat family you have.

  2. Oh my word Ashlee she is so stinking cute!!! When you do find your phone you need to give me a call I have some very exciting news.

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