Ridiculous or Fabulous?

Raise your hand if you think this outfit is ridiculous or just ridiculously cute?

Corey rolls his eyes at outfits like this but I think they are fabulous of course.

Apparently he found that massive bow to be “impractical,” because it was in the way when we were feeding and swaddling her.  Pshhhh.  Whatevs.  It’s totally worth it.

I must say though… I don’t think the outfit would be half so cute except for that darling baby girl that’s in it!


I really do love this little Dottie-Dot of mine!  She’s the best, cutest baby girl that ever was!


4 thoughts on “Ridiculous or Fabulous?

  1. I vote FABULOUS!!!!! And tell Corey you have earned all of those ridiculous and impractical girl things after having three {wonderful} boys.

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