Valla-Hallens Day!

It’s here, it’s here!  My favorite day of the year is here!

I started preparing for Love Day yesterday afternoon.  I listened to a fabulous conference talk and made the boys Valentines/Treat Bags so they’d be ready to set out this morning at breakfast:

And of course I made my sweetheart one too! (Although he only got one treat instead of a whole bag because he and I are being good!)


I wasn’t the only one who made Valentines this year.  Look at these darling minions Jack made.  We had so much fun working on them!  He kept saying how “cute,” and “funny,” they were and he couldn’t have been more thrilled when I let him use the hot glue gun to get those googley eyes on.  We were making a “minion army,” and he was tickled.  It was splendid to spend some one-on-one time with my eldest being silly and working together.

Alaster’s were really cute too.  Vials full of red, pink and white gum to which  Aly attached a personal note “I Chews You to Be My Valentine!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  From Alaster” He and Daddy did them together one night this week.

What I loved about their class Valentines this year:  They were easy!  Which was exactly what we needed them to be this year.  Cute?  You betcha.  But mostly?  Eeeeeaaasy!
Honestly, if my dear MIL hadn’t found the idea and gotten us going on them I probably wouldn’t have done anything fun like this at all.  I’m glad she did because it was really fun!


This morning I woke up at 6:15 to get a fun V-Day breakfast on the table by 7.  When I crept out of our bedroom Jack was awake sitting on his bed just waiting.  I said “Hi Jack,” and he said “Thank you!!!”  I thought that was a pretty funny greeting, but I knew what he meant.  Last night at dinner Jack and Aly were asking me if I was going to do the treat bags and fun breakfast again this year. When I told them “of course!” they were excited in the way that only 8 and 6 year old boys can be excited.

Jack came downstairs with me and cheered me on while I made breakfast pies.  He was downright chatty and I soaked in every second of his cheerfulness.

The pies were made with refrigerated crescent dough (I mentioned we were going easy this year right?) stuffed with fried eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese.  Delicious and Nutritious Festive!  Every year I do a fun breakfast but the only thing that stays consistent is the inclusion of strawberry hearts somewhere in the mix.  This year I did a simple strawberry and grape fruit salad (Jack helped as you can see!).  Each salad was topped with the signature strawberry:


Breakfast was a success!  It makes my heart happy to see my kids enthusiasm and smiles for such little things!

Cute Breakfast Moments:

Truman’s elation over the strawberries and grapes/his confusion about everything else.  We got him to say Happy Valentine’s Day and I’ve been saying it to him all morning and smothering his face with kisses.  He likes it, but he has this “what’s going on here?!?” face at the same time.  It’s really funny!

Alaster’s insistence that he share a treat from his bag with every other member of the family. Me:  “But Aly… Jack and Truman each have their own bags full of the same candy as you.”
Aly:  “I don’t care.  I want them to have one of MY pieces!”

Jack’s willingness to smile at the camera and his compliments of everything I did.  He was especially impressed that I came up with the breakfast pies myself.  He told Alaster:  “She just made this up!  And it’s really good!  The computer didn’t tell her how!”

Dottie being content as could be listening to all of us.


Also this morning I think the last needed act of service in connection with a special Valentine’s Day themed FHE was completed.  Woot Woot!

On Monday we had a lesson on avoiding contention (Something that has been a struggle for our two oldest lately.  I blame the stinkin’ snow!) and instead serving and loving one another.  We used Mosiah 4:14-15 and came up with all kinds of things that we could stop and start doing to make our home a happier place.  To encourage thoughtfulness and service I made each of us a pack of paper hearts.  We were all to give acts of service to every other member of the family by Valentine’s Day and leave a heart where we did it (Example:  Alaster put Jack’s laundry away for him and then left a paper heart in one of the drawers).  The boys were all kinds of on-board and it’s been really fun to see them happily serving one another.

Last but not least…

Dottie of the Day:  Lovey Dovey Baby.


One month old and already rocking the skinny jean look.


I hope you all have a smashing day!  Very much love to each one of you from me!

PS- Are you wondering about the odd title to my post?  This morning I was remembering THIS.


3 thoughts on “Valla-Hallens Day!

  1. so cute. Id say so fun but it looks like those valentines took a lot of time for your kids classes. I usually have fun with the first few then the curse words start to come;)

  2. Such a cute mom! Tyson took minion twinkies for his class treat too but he was all about the Lego Star Wars valentines with pixie stick light sabers. Boys are so much fun! Hope you are enjoying your favorite day today.

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