Dottie of the Day

After we brought Dot home from the hospital I started texting a picture each day (mostly…) to Whitney, Gram and Grampa.  I call them “Dottie of the Day.”  I love getting return texts from everyone and also hearing about how they got shared with other people.  For instance… the first person Whit shares the Dottie of the Day with is her Ada-girl.  Ada (who had been very interested in the baby in Ash’s tummy!) thought they were adorable and started talking to people about them “You know my baby Dot?  She’s so cute!”  Whit also spotted Ada and Talmage playing pretend with a toy cell phone one day.  Ada was showing Talmage pictures of baby Dot on it which she and Talmage then oohed and aaahed over.  Awwwww!

(Want to hear a sad Ada story?  Whit and Ada were at Costco when Ada spotted a brand, brand new baby.  She asked Whit excitedly “Is that my baby Dot?!?”  Oh Ada! How we wish we lived close enough for coincidental run-ins at Costco!)

I wish I knew how to get pictures off of my phone so I could share all the Dotties of the Day.  At some point though I realized that I could take the picture with my phone AND the camera.  Genius, I know.

Anywho… here are some recent Dotties of the Day for your viewing pleasure!

Dottie of the Day: Darling Dot in her Debut Dress!


Yep.  This was the first dress I ever put her in!  Fun!


Dottie of the Day:  She Makes Us Happy!


Dottie of the Day: Sleeping Angel


Dottie of the Day:  Streeeeeeetch!  It’s so hard to wake up!





Dottie of the Day: Funny Face!



Dottie of the Day: Lady in Red:


Gram bought her that little number for a Valentine’s Day church dress.  I love it!

And finally…

Dottie of the Day: Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby Girl!


Yep!  As of today we have officially had the pleasure of this little miss’s company for a whole month!  I can hardly believe it!


I’ve seen some friends take a picture of their baby every month at the same spot in their house and then at the end of the year make a cute collage or post each picture so you can see baby’s growth through the first year of their life. It’s really cute so I thought we’d give it a try.

So here’s Month #1 taken this morning. One with the stuffed animal (I figure having an object will help us see how her size changes a little better) and one without:



Can you tell she doesn’t feel quite herself today? Poor thing has what I think may be the beginning of a cold! I really, really hope I’m wrong!

6 thoughts on “Dottie of the Day

  1. Dottie of the day!!!! I am dying over that! And they’re all so adorable. I really can’t believe it’s been a whole month! Give her a happy one month squeeze for me!

  2. I like the idea of the teddy bear next to her for perspective. Little dresses are one of my favorite things about baby girls. Dot looks so cute in all of hers!

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