What Brothers are Good For no. 30

Keeping you sane during yet another “severe weather,” day off of school.

Wacky Weather

On Tuesday this week school was cancelled.  Again.  This time for 8 inches of snow.  I can’t believe the kind of weather we have had this winter!  40 below temperatures… snow… ice.  You name it…We’ve had it!  Thankfully these boys have each other to keep boredom at bay.  *Most* of the time it’s been lovely having Jack and Alaster home.

I can tell you one little person who thinks it’s especially “Pun!” (Fun):

Wacky Weather2

Little Miss is too small to join in all the running and screaming and laughing and swordplay just yet.  Here’s what she looked like on Tuesday:

Wacky Weather3

Why, yes!  Yes, she was just as cozy to snuggle wearing that outfit as you’d imagine.  Thanks for asking!

And since we are talking about our wacky weather I thought I’d show you this too:

Wacky Weather4

Dot about to be strapped in and covered up before we go get the boys from school.

We’re doing our best to keep her little noggin warm till Spring!


4 thoughts on “What Brothers are Good For no. 30

  1. the boys look like they are having fun…and Dot well…….she is so cute. I love her little face. I hope by some miracle you get to visit utah soon. and another miracle …you will call me and i can hear the birth story;)

  2. How cute!! I am dying over the pictures of Dot! Sorry boys, she’s a show-stealer!! How fun to have them home with her for an extra bit. 🙂 You’ll have to tell more about your crazy weather. We’ve been cold, but certainly not as cold as you. And our snow has been so pitiful. Not very much and it is no good for playing in even if it was warm enough. It’s too dry and wind blown to do anything with. My boys are thoroughly disgusted with Kansas snow. Grateful for the water, but here’s hoping for an early thaw, eh?

  3. So cute!!!! I finally posted my annual book “review” if that’s what you want to call it. Kind of an off year for reading, but love seeing pictures of that little gal and all those cute boys!

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