Dottie Elizabeth’s Newborn Pics

Remember my friend Emily who got a new camera for Christmas and took maternity pics of me?  She offered to take newborn pics of Dorothy too!  Huzzah! Emily came over yesterday morning, so Dot is three weeks and one day old in these shots.  I’m pretty sure this was Emily’s first ever newborn photo shoot with her new camera, so everyone please leave a comment and tell her what a great job she did!  I myself am majorly impressed!

All of the pictures were great, but these are Corey and my favorite shots of the pinky darling:









What a little sweetheart our baby girl is!

Thank you Emily!  We love, love, love them!!!

It’s going to be so hard to decide which ones to print and frame!  Help us choose, will you?  Which ones do you like?

11 thoughts on “Dottie Elizabeth’s Newborn Pics

  1. So darling….and Emily did a great job. My favorites are the first, 4th and last. i love the 4th cause she looks so snug and warm. What a cute little baby!

  2. BEA-utiful! Emily did a great job, and so did Dot! She looks so peaceful and happy 🙂 They are all gorgeous- I really love all of them!

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