The First 2 Weeks

Not sure how coherent this post is going to be.  Things are going really well over here, but I sure am feeling more tired now that Corey is gone.  This post will probably sound like a bunch of randomness but oh well!  I have a bunch o’ pictures from the first two weeks (“More than you have already posted?!?” you ask?  Yep!) and a bunch of things to tell you about Dot/the boys/how things have been going etc.  So.  Commence the Randomness! 10 Points to you if you read the whole thing.  5 Points if you just scroll and see the pictures.  *Most* of them are in chronological order.

You’ve already seen Daddy’s favorite layette gown.  This one is mine:

Don’t you want to pick her up for a little snuggle and kiss her sweetie cheeks?


Dorothy has been an incredibly sweet baby.  She’s eating and growing well.  She is a crazy deep sleeper (which will serve her well in this house, trust me!).  She’s only ever sad when she’s hungry or gassy, and at least the first one of those is easily remedied.  For the first two weeks she slept really, really well at night only getting up to eat.  She takes her time about it though, and sometimes it takes some real patience to get a burp so we end up being awake for about 30 minutes each feeding.  She’s an eat-every-three-hours-on-the-dot kind of baby.  Predictable.  I like that.  Things certainly could be worse!


Jack and Alaster are completely in love.  Jack loves to hold her and snuggle especially when he’s tired.  He’s proud of his ability to put her back in her chair when he’s done.  He is a wonderful helper with her and with Truman.  He’s always willing to go fetch a diaper or give her a binki or play with Truman and help him when I am occupied with Dottie.  He thinks she’s the “cutest baby ever!”

Alaster likes to hold her too, though not as often or for as long as Jack.  He’s very Alaster about how he holds her… poking and prodding her all over, talking animatedly the entire time.  He puts his fingers in her ears and nostrils, rubs her “fluffy,” cheeks, pats her head… and he always asks if he can take her hands and feet out to play with them too.  He also thinks she’s “the cutest baby!”


One day when Daddy dressed Dot:


I LOVE this picture of Corey and Dottie:


Babies in white are my favorite but my Dorothy sure makes a right pretty picture in pink!  These next two might be my favorites!




We’ve had a bunch of visitors during the first two weeks.  Lots of my girlfriends have stopped by and of course, we are so grateful to live close to Gram and Grampa!

Cindy has brought us a few dinners and lots of other gifts. Gram and Grampa love to hold their baby girl!  Their nickname for her is “The Queen.” And Cindy is now “The Queen Mother.” One of Ed’s co-workers apparently knows what it’s like to bring a baby girl home after 3 boys (I think he has a son or something in that situation) and apparently HIS little girl runs the show over at her house.  When Ed texted this friend Dorothy’s picture after she was first born the return text said “All Hail the New Queen!”  And that was that!  Cute, huh?!?

Ed is already wrapped around Dot’s little finger.  During one visit he said “I’ve been thinking.  The queen needs some jewels.  We’ll buy her some jewelry and fix that.”  When Cindy talks about Dorothy sweet talking him in the future and getting him to buy her things… like a car…he just says “Well… girls need these things!”


Yep.  They are thrilled to finally have a little baby girl to love!


I love little details about babies that makes them unique.  Like did you know my nephew Talmage was born with dimples on his shoulders?  I remember Whit talking about how Heavenly Father gave him that little detail just because He knew she would love it.  “It looks like he’s been hung out to dry!”  So cute.

One of Dot’s details that I love is her ears.  She has one normal shaped one and one elf-shaped one.  My Gram says I can just smooth it out, but I’m not really inclined to do so.  I love her elf ear!


I don’t have as many pictures of me holding Dottie as everyone else, even though I hold her the most. Corey took these though when he was home with us.  I know they are from the first week home because I am still in Pajamas and because of how tired I look!

As with all my other babies, I crave holding her.  If I go too long between snuggles my arms and chest start to ache for her!  You are a part of me my baby girl!




After about a week of being cooped up in our house we were ready for an outing.  What better place for our first outing than to Gram’s house?!?  We stayed the whole afternoon and evening and had a lovely time!


I have yet to go to church.  I am so afraid of her getting sick!  I took about a thousand pictures (no, not really!) of her in this little outfit while the boys were at church the first time w/out us.  I kept taking more and more pictures because she was looking so much like herself in them.  Sometimes I take pictures and think “Weird.  That’s not what you really look like!”  Anyone else ever experience that?  Anyway… isn’t she cute?  You can see her little personality in them I think:


The bottom right in this picture is my favorite.  Such a Dottie face!


When everyone got home from church they were anxious for some time with her.  Everyone except for Truman that is!  He has been… funny… about her.  He hasn’t acted out in the traditional ways- no tantrums, no hitting or trying to hurt the baby.  In fact he hasn’t been angry at all, but he has been sad (Which breaks mommy and daddy’s hearts much more effectively, I must say. We’ve been trying to spend lots of time with him and give him lots of reassurances of our love!).

Also, he pretty much refused to acknowledge her existence for the first week she was home.  He didn’t look at her (even when she was right next to him) he didn’t seek her out, he didn’t talk about her… nothing!  We tried to get him to engage with her but all of our questions were answered with an emphatic “Nope.”  As in “Truman, do you want to kiss baby Dot?”… “Nope!” Then he’d turn around and walk in the other direction. It’s like he’s telling us “Listen. I don’t hate her, but this is hard for me and I’m not ready yet.  Stop forcing her on me.  Let me come to her on my own terms.”  Once… just once… he asked if he could hold her.  I got him sitting on the couch, picked up Dorothy and brought her over.  As I started to lower her down he yelled “A Gee Back!”  (Give it back!)  Too soon apparently.

We have backed off and for the last week or so he’s been taking small steps towards loving and having a relationship with her.  In fact, yesterday when I was in the shower Dottie started crying and Jack reported to me that Truman tried to give her a binki!  Hey!  That’s pretty good!  And she has now had I think 3 kisses (?) from him.  Not too shabby!  He really is such a sweet, sweet boy.  He’ll come around in the end and love her just as much as the rest of us, I’m sure!

Anyway… Jack and Dot after church:


Isn’t the middle pic in this one sweet?


Daddy’s turn:


And later again that night.  Jack and Alaster both always want to hold her right before bed.  She’s quite a cute distraction through scripture study and prayer!


Daddy also loves to hold her after returning from work:


Huh.  That wouldn’t have happened in the first two weeks because he was here with us.  Woops!  I guess that picture doesn’t belong in this post but…It’s stayin’!

Some early morning neurological stimulation (Truman was interested in the book, not his sister):


Check out the bling “D,” bink.  Thanks Rach!



When Daddy gets a hold of the camera he likes to take super close shots.  Like these:





Two more random things and then I’m outy-5000 (wow, I really am tired!).

1) The other day when Dot was fussy Corey had tried to soothe her but ended up handing her off to me.  As he did so he said “Sounds like girl problems to me.”  Haha!

2) As you may have noticed, Dorothy has lots of nicknames.  One I haven’t mentioned yet is “Snorothy.”  Her nose was pretty stuffy during her first two weeks and it resulted in lots of snorting, snuffing, and snoring.  Daddy thought of it (as if I needed to tell you that!).

I sometimes call her “Squeaker.”  I can’t get enough of those new-born sounds!  And movements!  And all around sweetness!

Posts Soon To Come:  Christmas 2013 AND 2014.  A Hugie Truman update.  My 2013 Year End Book Review.  And The Birth Story!

6 thoughts on “The First 2 Weeks

  1. I would just like to report that MY favorite outfit so far is that adorable duck/chick/whatever outfit that you put on her when everyone else was at church. SO CUTE!! And the big picture in the last collage just about did me in. I am so jealous right now!!! 😉 I would love to smooch all over that squishy little face. I guess I should also let you know not to expect a book report from me this year because the only worthwhile thing I read was recommended to me by you. Bonhoeffer. Loved it. The end. Hoping to do better this year? Right now I am reading The Monuments Men and it is great so far!

  2. Did I ever tell you that Soren has two different ears? It’s not even a subtle difference like Dot’s–they are each completely unique but I didn’t even notice that until my mother-in-law pointed it out when he was three months old. Soren was also born on January 10th. And my water broke at home before contractions ever started with him (I heard your water broke with Dorothy too–but that’s the only detail I know without having heard your birth story). So there you go–three things in common. Your pictures are lovely–they make me feel nostalgic for that newborn stage.

  3. so cute . im glad you posted a ton of pic and stories. yes, i take pic of my babies and think , “they don’t look like that”. She is so cute. make me really baby hungry.

  4. Truman is just like Benjamin in that regard! Now you know why I was so impressed that you got those pictures of him holding her. I think that is one of the only times he has done it! And he was the same way with Levi. Anyway, he does love his siblings, for sure. But now you know why I asked you that one time, “how do you get your kids to love babies so much?!”

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