Wish Us Luck!

Well folks today is the day!  Dorothy is 2 weeks old and Corey has returned to work.  That means I am officially on my own for the 60 hours a week that he spends at work.

When Corey’s bosses (from both jobs!) surprised him with 2 weeks paid paternity leave I cried.  What a blessing!  How wonderful it would be!  What a difference that would make to my recovery, to the children adjusting, to… everything! 

I was totally and completely right of course.  It was wonderful.  Corey took fantastic care of all of us.  He did dishes and cleaned bathrooms.  He let me sleep in, nap, take long showers and blog.  He ran the errands.  He took the boys to school and picked them up every day.  He kept me well stocked with chocolate.  In the afternoons I watched Truman and Dorothy while he did homework with the older boys. Then we’d switch children and I would do piano practice while he took care of the little ones.  During the day when Jack and Alaster were gone he would take Dorothy so I could have one on one play time with Truman (who is showing signs that having a new little sister is difficult for him).  Or he would take Truman for a bit so I could focus on Dorothy.  Or we’d all play together one big happy family!

Maybe you can see why I’ve started to believe that when you get to 4 kids you just kind of need both parents home at all times!  I’m spoiled now and it’s hard for me to picture how this is going to work with him gone!  I bet Truman would agree.  It’s going to break Corey’s heart to hear it, but this morning a little after he left for work Truman came to me and asked “Ah Daddy?”  I asked him if he wanted Daddy and he answered back so seriously with a nice little head nod “Yassss.” (yes)

Me too little buddy!  Me too! 

The good news: Corey got us all (especially me!) off to a great start.  I am recovering much quicker this time around thanks to him. Dorothy had her first really fussy spell last night and I don’t feel like a zombie this morning even though I didn’t get much sleep.  I chalk this up to Corey making sure I got enough sleep the first 2 weeks!

So.  Wish me good lucks folks!  It’s time to leave dream-land with Corey and be a big girl in the real world all by myself!  Exciting and just a little bit scary!  I’ll let you know how we do!


4 thoughts on “Wish Us Luck!

  1. Good luck! You are amazing and wonderful and you can do it! But you will still need lots of help and blessings. But you will get them! Life is new all over again. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful gift his bosses gave you guys! That is amazing! I mean seriously just amazing!!!! It will probably be a slightly bumpy next couple of weeks, but you can do it, and the amazing thing about kids is they will adjust. They will, I promise!

  3. How wonderful that Corey was with you during the first two weeks of baby magic. But I bet you are scared now that he’s gone! We are happy to help out with those things that are sometimes just too much to handle — dropping off the boys to school? Making dinner? Wrestling with the boys after dinner? Piano practice? Whatever. You can just send the boys over to our house. Good luck!

  4. You can do it, sister!! I was thinking about you having him home, and what a blessing that was! I know if I didn’t have someone with me after Mabel was born I would have hardly recovered–at it would have taken much, much longer. Like Em, keep me in mind if you need an extra hand or a place for the boys to play!

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