Coming Home/The First Real Bath

A combo post for you today!

First of all… Dodo in her coming home outfit.  I really like her face in the picture where I am holding her so I kept it in.  I’ll thank all of you kindly for remembering that I had been awake for about 84 hours and had just delivered a baby when you look at my face in that picture.
coming home

Second…This week Dorothy’s umbilical cord finally fell off so she graduated from sponge baths to real baths.  Woohoo!  As mentioned… I really love dressing her up.  I also really love her in nothing but a white onesie.  Due to the frigid weather she is always bundled up.  Getting her out of her wrappings for a bath is a real treat!  She has such a sweet and perfect little body!



And After.  How cute is her little smile in the top right picture?!?


She was sweet as could be for her bath even though we knew it was freaking her out a little bit.  I love her sweet disposition and her clean cutie face so much!!!

And now here she is in all her fluffiness after getting dressed:



The top of her head gets kissed quite a bit so unfortunately that fluffy peak doesn’t last too long!

4 thoughts on “Coming Home/The First Real Bath

  1. she is so cute. im glad you are posting a lot so i don’t feel like im missing out. you are way to far away from me. she is such a doll

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