Dressing up My Dolly

Okay. So I don’t plan on being the kind of mom who insists her daughter look perfectly all the time.  Fashion and clothes and whatnot can be fun but they really aren’t of any lasting value or worth.  Proverbs 31:30 will be a verse of scripture my Dolly shall be very familiar with:

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”

Wise, wise, wonderful words indeed.


Do you know how much stinking fun it is to dress a little girl after having had 3 boys?  Surely there can be no lasting damage done by me really enjoying gussying her up at this age!  You wouldn’t deny me that pleasure, I’m sure. Not after I have done about a bajillion “Bruise Loads,” (my affectionate nickname for the very common all dark blue and black loads) of laundry I have done in my time… would you?!?

Wanna see some of the cute looks our Doll has sported this week? … Okay!

First… I offer proof that she hasn’t been in pink 100% of the time.  While it’s true I am enjoying the variety her clothing has brought to our laundry, I actually really enjoy lots of different colors on her.  For instance… I think she looks Lovely in Sea Foam Green:

And I already posted one of these pictures… Dottie-Bug:


Jack chose this Little Bunny outfit:



Oh!  And this one is my FAVORITE!  Shall we call this the Future Ballerina?  The pictures don’t show it very well, but there are silver sparkles all over those pants and tutu and on the heart in her onesie:


Bright and Spunky:


Sporty Dot (Alaster chose this outfit) Check out the hood… it’s a tad too big 🙂


Me and my Polka-Dottie:


And I’m not the only one around here having fun with this, I assure you.  Every day when Alaster gets home from school he runs through the door and shouts “Where’s Dot?  I want to see what she’s wearing today!” (Corey’s been getting them off to school while Dolly and I sleep in.)

Daddy thinks she’s pretty adorable too!  Do you want to see HIS favorite outfit?  It’s actually a sweet little layette gown that she sleeps in.  It’s similar to the Dottie-Bug outfit.  Awwww… what an Angel Baby:


As I said before, I know these things don’t matter one whit.  If Dot grows up a tomboy that hates pink I promise to be totally fine with that.  I will love this girlie for exactly who she is.  But for now… I plan to keep having fun dressing up my very own real-live-baby-Doll!

8 thoughts on “Dressing up My Dolly

  1. I am DYING over all the fabulous ways to use Little Dot’s name!!! And she is gorgeous. I’m impressed with how fabulous you both look. I am one of those that leaves babies in layette gowns and onesies only for.ev.er. I also love all the fabulous headgear. How fun!!! And I forgot to say in my last comment how fantastic you all look as a family of SIX. 🙂

  2. Dress away dress away mama to your hearts desire. The dressing of that cute package is all you need to make your heart sing. Enjoy every cute little thing you put her in and whisper scriptures in her ear as you do. She will recall and remember them later as a memory filled with love. SHE IS TOO STINKING CUTE!!! Love aunt deedee

  3. I kind of want to be at your house ALL the time, if only to see baby Dot in all of her cuteness! She is going to be soooo easy to photograph. I’m so excited that I get to dress up my own little girl soon 🙂 🙂 🙂
    My personal favorite colors on fair baby girls are teal, pink, cream, and grey. What a sweet girl!

  4. She is so darling cousin!!!! I just wanna kiss all over that cutie face!!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do the same dressy uppy stuff with my girl!

  5. She is adorable! Love all of her outfits. Also love the term “bruise load”. I will have to find some way to use that. I have three daughters and I still love dressing them up. I have a grouch picture of Gigi today where she was annoyed with the outfit I put her in. If I was a fairy godmother I would kiss the tip of her perfect little nose and bless her with perfect dance legs like her mother. Alas I am not so I will just keep my fingers crossed :). Your baby makes me happy. Isn’t that silly! Enjoy her and keep posting adorable pictures!

  6. Oh my heck I almost forgot how much fun it is dressing up a girl. Poor Benji, there isn’t much to offer in the boys section of clothes.

  7. so so so cute!!! I had Simeon and Ayo come look at these darling pictures and they both loved them. They think Dot is a doll. How fun!

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