First Meetings

Hello Again! So I said I’d post once a day… what was that?  2 days ago?  Or just 1?  It’s pretty easy to lose track of time in new baby land.  At the end of every day I am amazed that it’s over!  Did you know my baby girl was a WHOLE WEEK OLD yesterday?!?  To celebrate I went through the hospital pictures which I am now prepared to share.  No birth story for you yet.  That one is going to take a while to write.

We didn’t take the camera out quite as quickly with Dorothy as we did with the boys.  Still, here she is all pinky and new.  Her first pictures on Earth:

First pictures with Daddy.  I can’t even tell you how special it is to see Corey holding and loving our baby girl!


First Bath.  She was not a fan until her head was washed.  Before:




Do all new babies at some point look like an alien?  I think these pictures are so funny because they don’t look like her at all anymore!  They start changing the very first day even, don’t you think?


The hospital stay was great, but super tiring.  We labored all through the night on Thursday, she was born Friday morning, and all day Friday people were coming in and messing with us.  Dorothy was so, so good for the Pediatrician:


When people weren’t messing with her or me I got in Every. Single. Possible. Snuggle.  Holding a newborn baby has got to be in the Top 3 Best Feelings you can experience in this life.  So soft, so warm, so sweet, and that SMELL! A little bit of heaven fresh on earth!  I loved having her on my chest, or putting her face to mine for a cheek rub and kisses all over!  Looking at these pictures makes me tear up.  She is so precious to me already!


I took so many pictures of her, it was incredible, even for me! I had to admire every little piece of her.  To admire in this picture… her chins:


She was born at 8:46am on Friday and the poor Grandparents and Boys had to wait all the way till after school to come and meet her!  It was so wonderful to have them there!  I absolutely love the top left picture in this collage… sweet, sweet Ed holding her for the first time and tearing up.  Also, you can see everyone putting on hand-sanitizer as they walk over to meet her:


Being held for the first time by her 3 older brothers.  Their faces say it all!  Jack and Alaster are happy and amazed and so, so sweet.  Truman… well… you look at the picture and tell me what you think:


Some awake shots:


We didn’t get a picture of Dorothy with Ray (the midwife that delivered her) right after delivery which makes me sad.  By the time he came back that afternoon he had changed into his scrubs.  At 8 that morning he had only just clocked and was still wearing a flannel shirt and jeans when he came to see how I was doing. At that point I wasn’t about to let him leave!

Ray was so, so sweet about Dottie.  He kept saying how remarkably alert and calm she was, and how beautiful!  I love how much he cares!  He said in a sincerely grateful voice “What a wonderful way to start the day… by bringing new life into this world.  She is beautiful!”  I think even after doing it so many times (Dorothy was baby # 1932 that he has delivered!) he still finds it amazing and wonderful and a privilege to be a part of.  So cool.  I loved having him deliver Truman and I am so, so glad he was there for Dorothy too!


I think I took these next pictures on Friday night when I couldn’t sleep.  I hadn’t slept since Wednesday night, and I wouldn’t sleep again until Saturday night when we were finally home.  I have never been awake for 86 hours before.  CRAZY!  Come Saturday night I was so, so happy to be home in my own bed! Thankfully Dorothy is an excellent sleeper and I have been catching up ever since!


See how fast they change?!?  These pictures are so different than the first ones!





Ed and Cindy were so sweet to take the boys so that Corey was able to be at the hospital with us for much of our stay.  He basically only went home during the evenings.


My first pictures with her after I had finally got a shower in:


She really is so cute, don’t you think?!?  It’s not just us who think this?


Our visitors, back on Saturday.  Don’t they look handsome?  Gram had treated them to much needed haircuts at a fancy salon, where Alaster even got a massage!  Haha!


First picture as a complete family.  I can hardly believe there are SIX of us!!!


I totally love this next collage.  To me, it’s the first one that is starting to show her personality:


This one too:


Overall our hospital stay was a successful one.  The staff was incredibly kind and caring, and I loved each and every moment spent with my baby girl.

I am… we ALL are… so, so, so in love!



7 thoughts on “First Meetings

  1. First of all…..Dot is a doll. She is super cute and darling. I love her already. i am so glad Ray was there when you delivered. Good to know that your midwife still enjoys the gift of birth. Im patiently waiting for a call to hear about the birth story but Id be lying if I didn’t tell you that each time my phone rings i hope it’s you. I love you so much. You have such a good family. Im so happy you live by Ed and Cindy so they can be part of this. What a blessing to have them near!

  2. This was the post I was waiting for!! I think that the first meeting of siblings moment is only trumped by the actual birth in awesomeness. The boys are so adorable in all those pictures! And yes, she IS gorgeous. I love her little baby lips!! WHAT’S WITH THE CRAZY NO SLEEP?! That sounds awful. Glad to hear you are getting some now.

  3. Ray delivered Capt E and he has always been my favorite. I was always sad we didn’t get a picture with them until six weeks later. At the time of delivery he had hair almost to his bum. Six weeks later he was shorn like a sheep. Do you know he rides his bike to work everyday, rain, shine, snow. He is the best :). Cute baby!

  4. I love how Dottie looks like your boys but so feminine at the same time. She is definitely a darling baby. And hooray for having Ray deliver her! He delivered Bronson and that was definitely my smoothest birthing experience. Hospitals are not fun at night with everything going on–I’m glad Dot is being a good sleeper for you now that you’re home.

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