Westward Ho!

There is so much to blog about when one has 4 wonderful children! I still have so much to say about our dearest little darling Dottie, but in an attempt not to get too far behind I have got to post other things too! I think my goal shall be one post a day from now till I am all caught up!

Corey and I had so much fun working with Jack on his Westward Expansion project!  Jack’s teacher made the assignment very open ended.  They were studying the Oregon Trail and Westward Expansion, the project just had to be something to do with that. Make a game, do a model, or maps, or … whatever!  Corey had the brilliant idea to do something about the Mormon Pioneers.  We knew they were an important part of the United State’s expansion west, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to teach Jack!  I got the go-ahead from his teacher since it wasn’t material that they covered in class, and off we went!

Corey was the one who thought of making the Roadometer. Jack was totally on board with the idea when we told him he’d get to use tools with Dad!  Corey let Jack do as much as of the woodwork as he possibly could.  They worked over the course of two weeks… here and there… as often as Daddy could spare the time. (Even though Jack is wearing the same sweatshirt in these pictures and you wouldn’t be able to tell he was working on different days!)

Do you love Jack wearing the Vader mask to protect his eyes from sawdust???  We thought that was pretty cute!

The night they finished:


I got to work with Jack on his poster. It was so fun!  Laughing and working with him reminded me of doing school projects with my mom.  I loved it!  I taught Jack some very basic details about the Mormon trail west, and we took the opportunity to go on FamilySearch.org and learn more about the members of our family that actually made the trek.  I called my Papa and he told us what ancestors on his side and Gram’s side I should look up.  He also told me some cool stories that I got to share with Jack.  I really love FamilySearch!  We had pictures on there of every person that crossed the plains on my Mom’s side!  Way cool!


Jack did all of the work on his poster, and I think he did a great job!






It was really neat to go to school and watch him tell people about the Roadometer and the Mormon Pioneers.  Jack was nervous about telling people he was Mormon, and we were able to have some great conversations with him about it.  It was an awesome learning experience all the way around!



Way to go Jacko!  We sure love you!


2 thoughts on “Westward Ho!

  1. That is so neat! Way to go Jack! I too remember doing a few Mormon related projects in school- and remember being nervous about it. It was always a special learning experience- I’m sure Jack will remember this forever!

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