About Her Name

Naming Dorothy was not easy.

She started off as being “Elaine,” but HEAVEN MADE IT CLEAR that was not this little girl.  Corey would find the name, it would be perfect and all would be well.  Sounded fine to me!  Having learned this information I thought it would only take a week or two before the choice was made. Corey immediately began looking for names and we talked about it constantly.  Like… CONSTANTLY.  I looked for names too.  I wasn’t entirely sure whether the prompting meant that Corey would be the person who found the name or whether he would be the one that ultimately chose the name.  Also, I knew all along that either way I would still be involved in the process.

We prayed about this baby girls name.  We asked specifically for 3 things:  1) Help us find a name that she will like 2) Help us find a name that will be meaningful to her 3) Help us find a name that will serve her well.

First Corey got on a German name kick. “Greta,” was the top contender for a while.  We both really liked it.  He also liked “Brunhilda,” and “Hildegarde,” (we would call her “Hildi,“) but I couldn’t be convinced.  I also couldn’t be convinced that “Hinckley,” (Corey’s next most serious suggestion) should be her name, despite how very meaningful it would have been to both of us.

After a while Corey wanted a name starting with “G,” and the top contender there was “Gertrude.”  He really, really loved it.  I liked it on one level and even agreed to it for a time, but in the end I decided the choice was too risky and I had to tell him so.

But let’s not forget that he didn’t like my suggestions either!  I like super feminine names.  I thought Jack’s suggestion of “Juliet,” was fabulous (even though my cousin April has already used it… I would have asked her permission :)).  I also liked:  “Tess,” (so romantic!), “Audrey,” (timeless!), “Mira,” or “Miri,” “Novi,” and others, but he thought my choices were ridiculous.

Then there were names that we both loved that got the axe for one reason or another. “Harper,” and “Jane,” were too popular. “Scout,” and “Lulu,” would be darling on a 5 year old but could you see those names being taken seriously on a job resume? (My friend Marie uses that standard.  I think it’s a great one!)

And there were other names that we both liked–-ish-–but we just could never get excited about them.  We never got that feeling… the one we got with all 3 of the boys… the “this is their NAME!” feeling.  It was so frustrating!  Many nights found us each on our lap tops searching through name lists offering up suggestions to one another.  It didn’t last very long though because we always ended up annoyed with each other and had to stop. (How could he like “Moira,” UGLY!  and not like “Mira?!?!” SO PRETTY!)

Then one fateful night things felt different.  We were on the same page.  He didn’t hate all of my suggestions.  I didn’t hate all of his!  Corey offered up the name Dorothy.  Now, on one of our normal nights I admit I would have immediately dismissed it.  It’s just not in the same vein of names that I really love.  I didn’t feel super feminine or romantic to me.  However… on this night where we were getting along so well… I didn’t want to ruin the vibe, so I took a minute to mull it over before responding.  The first thing I liked about the name was the many nickname possibilities:  Dottie, Dot, Dolly, Doll, Dodo, Dody, Dora, Dory.  Cute, cute,cute!  I also loved the meaning: Gift of God.

We ended the night with a tentative… this could be it.  Corey was sold, but I needed more time. Over the next few days I let it settle in.  I fell more and more in love.  I not only liked the nicknames, I liked THE name.  It felt like HER.  And I LOVE her!  I love my Dorothy Elizabeth!  Huzzah, huzzah!  A name at long last!  And to make it all even more special when we told Corey’s parents the choice we found out it is a family name on Ed’s side.  Cool!

And because a few people have asked… Elizabeth was never in question.  Of course it was always going to be a part of her name.  We even thought for a time about making it her first name.  I hope Dorothy will be honored to have the same name as her Grandma.  I can’t wait to tell Dot all about Grandma Lizzi!

So there you have it.  The LONG, LONG story of her name.  Daddy did find it.  And it IS perfect for her.

Daddy’s Dottie:


The cutest little Dot of a baby I’ve ever seen!


PS– There have now been 2 people who read our introduction post and then met Dot in person.  They both said “She’s so little!”  They were surprised because the big pictures on the blog made them think she would be bigger.  True story:  Some of those pictures were quite a bit bigger than her actual face!  I went back to the post and adjusted it.  She’s just a little, little thing after all!

6 thoughts on “About Her Name

  1. I love her name! Gigi’s middle name is Elizabeth, as is mine, and it is my mom’s first name. I love feeling tied together in that way. It is your moms name right? I bet your daughter will love being tied to her in that way to! She is such a cutie! I could have 12 daughters and I swear I’d never get over their beauty 🙂

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful, like her mom! I love her name. I’m so glad you have a little girl, and she’s lucky to have three older brothers to take care of her!

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