Dorothy Elizabeth Burton:


(2nd picture taken after birth)

Born Friday, January 10th, 2014 at 8:46am.

7 Pounds, 11 Ounces, 19 3/4 Inches Long

Pink. Soft. Healthy. Beautiful.


Baby Dot came with lots of hair:


And the sweetest little body:


She has her Mother’s long feet and toes:


And her fingers are slender and long too.

(Also just like her mommy’s…and HER mommy’s… and HER mommy’s…).

It was hard to get a picture of her fingers outstretched, but we got a decent enough picture of how incredibly long her fingernails were!  Check these out:


Poor thing had scratch marks on her face and tummy when she came out!


It’s important to me that you know she has the cutest profile I think I have ever seen:


Immediately after being born she was alert and calm and we think… happy to be here:


And we couldn’t be happier to have her home.


There are, of course, about a million bajillion other things to say.


But this will have to suffice for now.


Those softy cheeks of hers are calling my name…


17 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. She is so beautiful!! I adore her so much!!! I think every picture is my favorite. I can’t wait to hear all the birthing details. I’m sure I’ll get to read in the next little while. Yay baby Dorothy is finally here!

  2. Hooray! She is so beautiful! I am also excited to hear all the details. I’m glad that Dorothy is here and that you are all doing well.

  3. Congratulations, dear friend!!! I love seeing the boys in her! And if course plenty of you and your mom. It made my heart happy to see your new addition and know what you named her. So beautiful! Love you!

  4. Oh, Ash! What a beautiful baby GIRL! I’m so happy she’s here, healthy, and you are no longer pregnant! Looking forward to getting to know this sweet little baby 🙂 (Maybe when she’s a bit bigger- you know me… hahaha)

  5. Congratulations…. you are so Clever! What a precious little girl treasure you have brought into the world.
    I’m sure she will be smothered with love. What a lucky little girl. We are glad she has arrived safely.
    We love you and your little Dorothy!

  6. Oh my what a treasure! I love,love love these pictures thank you so much. It was great to hear from you too.
    Love ALL the Larsens

  7. Dearest Burton’s…. please DO NOT LET HER GROW too much before we can see her and hug her in person…. she is gorgeous…love auntie deedee

  8. Yay for your little girl! I finally wrote up my Lydia’s birth details (which I will post soon), so I want to hear all yours too. We’re so excited for you.

  9. Ashlee, I am so excited for you and the boys to welcome this very precious little bundle of pink! She is beautiful and I am so glad she is here safe and heathy! I am so happy for you all!

  10. Havent been in blogging land for a bit and oh I’m so glad I checked. She is beautiful! Hope the adjustments are smooth, it sounds like she just slipped right in as if she’s never not been there. CONGRATULATIONS!

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