Gift Idea. Too little too late?

Maybe at this point you will really not care for another gift idea (this one is for Grandparents from their Grandchildren that live close)… but maybe someone will log it away for a future use.  Either way I want to post it because it was a fun afternoon activity with the boys!

Using pink and brown paper, a little bit of tissue paper and some red stickerey buttons we made ice cream cones complete with cherry on top… Aly’s had 2!  I helped Aly but Jack did his completely on his own!

To go along with the ice cream cones they made a note on some of the cute paper that said: “We go together like Ice Cream and Sprinkles!  Let’s go get some together, OUR TREAT!”
gift idea

With all the sickness at our house the boys haven’t yet been able to take their Grandparents out (Corey and I will give them the money and they will pay for the outing… if that wasn’t clear :)) but I know they are looking forward to it.  They love spending time with their Gram and Grampa!  And I know Gram and Grampa love to spend time with them too, hence why this gift idea appealed to me.

I can just picture how cute the boys will be paying for the ice cream.  I’m kind of sad I won’t be there to see it! There is something really heart-squeezy about watching your kids pay for things, don’t you think?  And even though Corey and I will be funding this little outing (the boys contributed to the present by making the note and ice cream cones), I know that at least one of the boys was anxious to contribute some of his own money (Aly of course), which I will let him do.

Pregnancy Update:  Stilllllll…. waiting!  I’m thinking a lot about Enduring WELL to the End.  I’m also sorry to report that I’m pretty much failing most of the time… but I am thinking about it, and trying!


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