Kennedys and Cookies

The night before school let out for Christmas Break my dear friend Monica invited our family over to participate in one of their favorite family Christmas traditions:  Christmas Cookies!  Every year they make these delectable treats and give a box to the kids school teachers.  She treated us to a pizza dinner and then we got to work making treats!  She sent Jack and Alaster both home with a box to deliver to their teachers the next day.  Isn’t that nice?!?

We had such a great time!  I always love being with Monica.  She and I have grown particularly close during this past year as she has faced some pretty tremendous trials.  I feel incredibly blessed to know her and gain strength from her amazing example.  She has taught me about forgiveness, change, selflessness, being a good missionary, sacrifice, gratitude and relying on the Lord.  It’s been a privilege to watch her grow and to see blessings come to her as she has worked so hard!  You are a treasure to me Mon!  Thanks for letting us spend such a fun evening in your home!

Rolling balls for Peanut Butter Blossoms:


Jolee roamed in and out of the kitchen all evening.  Truman wasn’t interested.  He played with toys in the living room and enjoyed Jo’s company whenever he could get it.  Do you see what Jo is doing in this collage?  She found the bowl of sugar we had rolled the peanut butter balls in, grabbed a spoon and started shoveling it in.  Yummmmmm!  Haha!


Baking the cookies and squashing the Hersey Kisses in:


Corey joined us after work just as we were getting started on the Oreo Balls:


We rolled while Monica melted chocolate and monitored the still baking peanut butter balls.  Jo “helped,” by squashing the Oreo Balls with a spoon about as fast as we could make them.  She’s such a cute stink!


While the Oreo Balls cooled we made Reindeer Cookies:


Cute little guys, no?



Time to dip the Oreo Balls in White Chocolate!



At this point the kids were basically done so the adults finished up by dipping the Peanut Butter Pretzels in Chocolate:


And if you can believe it, I think Monica made 2 more kinds of cookies after we left!

Here are Jack and Aly packing the boxes for their teachers.  Oh.  And one of Alaster eating a cookie that he shouldn’t have.  That boy begged and sneaked treats all night long!  Stinker!  He’s lucky Monica is so generous 🙂


Thanks again for inviting us Monica.  We sure love you and your sweet little family!


Pregnancy Update:  I went to my appointment yesterday and they weren’t able to strip anything 😦  I guess you have to be dilated at least a little bit, and I wasn’t so they didn’t do it.  We’ll see if things are any different next week.

You know… at first I was bummed, but I’m not anymore.  It’s just good to know where we are at. Hearing the midwife talk I was able to come to peace with the fact that this baby is NOT coming early.  At least I know and can move on.  Also… everyone but Corey is sick over here so I guess it’s good that she’s not here yet.  I’d hate to bring a brand-spanking-new-baby home to a house full of sickies!  How sad would it be not to be able to kiss and love on her because we were scared of her getting something?!?

So here’s to getting well soon and patiently (I can, I promise!) waiting!

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