Pregnancy Interview #4 – 39 Weeks

Hello Again!  Welcome to the final interview with Ashlee prior to delivery of her sweet baby girl!

She is now 39 weeks (Well… almost. Technically she will be 39 weeks tomorrow.) and we are anxious to hear how things are going.

As a special treat, we have some pictures of Ashlee taken yesterday by her dear friend Emily Savage. Emily got a fancy-pantsy new camera for Christmas and generously offered to take time out of her busy day to do maternity shots.  They went outside together yesterday afternoon while their babies were sleeping.  Tell us Ashlee, did you have fun?


Of course!  I adore my friend Emily and we had a great time talking, laughing and taking pictures together.  She got to practice skills with her new camera and I got to practice not being weird in front of it!  I continue to be plagued by weird-mouth-syndrome (I never know quite what to do with it… especially in non-smiley shots!).  Oh well!  Despite my awkwardness I think she got some great pictures and I am very grateful to have them.  Corey and I wouldn’t have gone out and done this… so it was really, really nice of Emily to offer.  I hope baby girl will like them!  She sure makes a cute round tummy!


Fun, fun.  Okay Ash.  You are now 39 weeks along!  How are you feeling?

You know… pretty good.  Physically this pregnancy has been difficult.  I was sick for so long, then the hip thing started happening, then all the normal aches and pains of the last trimester set in, and it all got topped off by a major case of insomnia!  I was only getting a few hours every night and there were one or two nights where I didn’t get a wink.  It didn’t matter how tired I was or what I did (I even tried pregnancy-safe medication!)… Nothing worked!  It’s like I just completely forgot how to fall asleep!  It was miserable.  Not getting sleep affects pretty much every aspect of your life.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband and father-in-law who gave me a priesthood blessing after one particularly horrible night and I have been doing much, much better ever since.

Wow!  Thank goodness for the Priesthood!



So are you all prepared for this baby girl to come?

Yes!  Her car seat is installed.  Her bed is set up and made.  Her clothes and blankets and supplies are all in place and ready to go.  I made 20 Freezer Meals that are now in our deep freezer.  We did lots of organizing to make room for her (and just ’cause we needed it!) and I am trying (though admittedly not always succeeding) to keep the house clean and in constant readiness.  Aaaaaand I just finished packing our hospital bag tooooo-day!  So yes.  We are ready.  She can come any day that she pleases… the sooner the better!

Wellllll you still technically have a week and one day left… and let’s not forget that historically you have gone over your due dates.  You were 10 days over with Jack and 7 days with both Alaster and Truman… 2 of those babies requiring induction!  So… you know… you could still potentially have a while to go there little miss!

I know it.  I KNOW it!  But I can’t make myself FEEL it.  I just keep thinking “If I clean it (or prepare it… or cook it… or whatever)… she will come.” (Field of Dreams Style)  A little crazy?  Maybe.  I am just very, very done being pregnant, and I feel like she is anxious to come too.  I want to hold her in my arms and take care of her!  I want to be able to properly hug my family again! Poor Truman crawls up on me and it just hurts. We can’t find a way to be comfortable and snuggle. Jack keeps saying “I want that baby to come out so you can give me hold-hugs again.”  It’s starting to depress me a little.

The good news is that I have been having contractions and this week at my appointment they are going to strip membranes in the hopes that we will get something going!  The last time they did that the baby came the next day!  Although, I was 6 days overdue when they did it, so that’s a bit different… but here’s hopin’!  Also, I feel like I have learned a lot through the amazing blessing/trial of this pregnancy.


Well… Are you nervous at all about her coming?

No.  I’m really, really not.  Maybe I ought to be.  It is a little intimidating thinking of having to juggle a newborn in the midst of our already busy life.  I have never had a newborn AND a toddler AND school aged children who will need to get to and from school, help with homework and piano, etc. AND a demanding calling.  But I’m just not worried about it.  I was for a while, but lately I feel a great deal of peace whenever I contemplate our life with this new little lady.  I predict Truman will adjust well and that Jack and Alaster will be helpful and great too.  I think I will feel a whole heck of a lot better with her out than in, and I’ll feel ready for the challenge.  I’m sure life will have it’s moments, but I have a wonderful support system of family and friends, and I just plan to love, love, love that new baby and focus completely on our little family at first.  I feel like if I do that, and let everything else go for a while that we will be just fine.


Can you believe you are going to have a DAUGHTER?

No.  And Yes.  Particularly these last couple of weeks I have been quite emotional about it.  I start thinking about her as I drive or do dishes or have a quiet moment to myself.  I think about a sweet little baby girl…getting to take care of her… teach her… watch her grow.  I also have this picture in my head of a little girl about 5 or 6 years old that I keep seeing.  I am walking with her hand in hand and listening to her talk animatedly about her day.   It’s a simple little scene but I can’t help crying every time I imagine it!  I am so, so excited!

I hope she and I will have a relationship like my mom and I had.  More to the point:  I hope I can be the kind of mother to her that my mom was to me.  My mom was the perfect blend of mother and friend and all the good things that both of those words embody.  In this and in so many other ways I was incredibly lucky to have her.  Anyway.  It’s difficult to really express completely how I feel about having a little girl, but I will tell you this:  I am thinking about my mom a lot (and feeling her with me) and… I can’t wait to meet and start loving my very own little miss!



Is the plan for delivery the same as last time?  Unmedicated?



Haha!  Easy for you to say!  I think I have decided the fear of the known is worse than the fear of the unknown in the case of childbirth.  I was nervous with Truman’s delivery, but at least I didn’t know just how painful it was going to be. This time I do!  But oh well… right?  I did it once, I can do it again.  AND I am absolutely certain that it is the best way for me to deliver.  AND I really do love the hospital and the staff I will be delivering with!  Hey!  What do you know? I am almost having a good attitude about this whole thing!  Woot-woot!


Well… Anything else you wanna talk about?  This is getting long.  Only Whitney is still reading at this point.

Yes.  Let’s show pictures from my baby shower!  These lovely ladies convinced me to do one:


My Lovelies: Marie, Kate (me) Emily, and Rachel.

Some of the guests:


Aubrey and Rachel, Nancy and Cindy, Emily and Melinda, Monica and Ashlee, Marie and Dani, Tiffany and Emily.  I was really happy with the turnout!  In the middle of December after a massive snowstorm!  I was happy people were still able to come.  It would have been a shame to waste all of this!  Look what a cute theme my friends did. “Pop,” as in… Ashlee’s about to Pop!  It was open-house style so the invitation said people could just “pop-in,” and out as they pleased.  Cute, huh?!?  I may steal this idea the next time I throw a baby shower.  Very darling!


And those cake pops were stinking delicious.  That Rachel.  I tell you what.  She’s pretty amazing!  Thanks for hosting Rach!

And before the end of the night we had to do a shot with all the preggo’s present.  Ashlee, Katie, Emily, and Tiffany.  In line according to due date… and height apparently!


Thanks again friends!  It was SO fun!  I am really, really glad we decided to do it. I didn’t tell them this… but the shower was on the same day as the women in my family were holding our traditional “Candy Day.”  I was really sad not to be there but being with my girls here really helped.  Thanks friends.  I love you!

Well… That’s a wrap folks!  Stay tuned for the announcement of baby girl’s arrival!

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Interview #4 – 39 Weeks

  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this post and the “texty chat” so glad that these women are your friends and family… being long ways from where you grew up is hard and you are doing a great job keeping us all informed about the little miss and happenings with your adorable boys…. miss you guys, love you guys…. love aunt deedee

  2. Oh my goodness you are the most lovely pregnant woman that I have ever seen. Emily did a great job with those maternity shots. I am excited for the upcoming announcement of Baby Girl’s arrival!

  3. That is the funnest idea for a shower I’ve ever seen! So glad you have so many people to take care of you! Can’t wait for baby girl!!

  4. Oh, and I’m so impressed at how many freezer meals you got in!! I so meant to do that last time and never did a single one. I did at least go grocery shopping before, so I guess that’s something. 😉

  5. i read the whole thing and loved it! Im so excited for you. I wish I could have been at the baby shower. Looks like you have some pretty amazing friends. You even have one named Emily…just like me:) I love you and hope to hear from you when baby Dorthy is born.

  6. We might just steal the idea for Jamie’s shower- how cute!! And she could be born today and her Great-Auntie Shirley wouldn’t ming a bit 🙂 Love you so much!!

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